Yaaay for weekends with nothing to do. Especially if they’re weekends with hot water and warm houses (fingers crossed about the plumber being able to fix the problem with the gas intake on the combi boiler without bankrupting us or killing us all with a gas explosion).

I need to find out how expensive Naxx attunement is going to be – at only half way through Honored with AD, I am absolutely not going to have the time nor the energy for all of that grinding.

Miz and I had fun yesterday exploring a small dungeon with my rogue and her shaman – I’m assuming there are quests for this area, but we were just exploring. After playing casters and ranged DPS for so long, I really love my troll rogue. I was doing voices for her as we played: “Cast spells at me? I’ll KICK you in the face! Take that! You want some of this? I’ll kick you too!” lol…I love being the little whirlwind with a death wish…but in all fairness, Miz only needed to rez me once. Like I knew that druids in cat form can see you when you’re stealthed. :D She’s dual-wielding maces, which is unusual, and I learned poisons, so they’re dripping with green goo. So much fun.

Kitsunecho is starting the Ony attunement quest chain, and let me tell you…Dragonkin Menace is damned near impossible when the whole area is carpeted with gold farmers and bots. All hunters, with pets named Cat or Boar. She can only take the level 52 elites solo right now, and trying to get to ANY of them is impossible, let alone picking and choosing. So I took her to Felwood, and fought my way through the tunnel to Winterspring, so she’ll have two new grinding areas.

So, lots to do this weekend. :)

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