I’m so bored. I need to look for a job before I entirely lose the will to live. :( My article on British Comfort Food was making me too hungry, and I was eyeing the lunchroom vending machine with all the interest of a cheetah eyeing an unattended baby antelope, so I read some news. Then some blogs. Then, interesting given the article I was working on, several blog entries regarding the Dove advertising campaign. I’m too fried to make any intelligent comments on this, but it does remind me of a girl that I worked with years ago. She was gorgeous. She was six feet tall and weighed 180 lbs. She was curvy and strong, had long blonde hair, mile-long legs, and looked like an Amazon/Gladiator version of a Penthouse Pet. She couldn’t get a date, as she was perceived as being a fat girl. Too big, too fat, too much of everything. Perhaps knowing that a girl could kick your ass and not even chip a nail is too intimidating for most men, but that is their loss.

And, I want to know, since when was size 10 considered to be fat? Excuse me? Obviously elongated vampire stick insect models are into negative sizing, but really…are size 10s supposed to shop on the Plus Size racks? I must not have been paying attention when that happened.

6 thoughts on “TGIF”

  1. catwithclaws

    pttph to whomever thinks ’10’ is ‘fat’. I wear 8/10s depending on the brand and fit. With as much as I ride, the waist doesn’t’ shrink an inch or two to make an 8 comfortable so I figure it’s not meant to be.

    and am not fat. *grump*

    (ranted about ‘size’ and ‘numbers’ recently over in equestrian)

  2. I’ve found that in Switzerland, too. I’ve seen shirts advertised as XXXL and in reality they are a 10-12 (US).

  3. Um… you wouldn’t happen to still have her number, would you?


    (Sorry, I’m feeling a bit wicked today.)

  4. I think 8, 10 and even 12 are normal sizes for healthy adult people. It’s too bad we can’t just focus on being healthy and athletic and strong, whatever the dress size. :(

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