I am soooo glad that it is Friday. Yesterday was spent (since there were people from offices all over the world here for meeting) demonstrating the site to different groups of people, trying to get everyone enthusiastic and on board. Strange switches in the way people act vs. the way they are in email: Canada, very adversarial in email and videoconferences, was wonderful; the people from the Australian office, whom had seemed nice in mail, had a number of issues that they obviously felt strongly about in person.

I had a lesson on Kip last night in which we started gridwork, which he handled wonderfully. So nice to feel this huge, unbalanced, sprawling adolescent collect himself up and bounce over the sequence of poles, tock tock tock tock. It was sweet.

I’m looking forward to the weekend, and the chance to spend some healing time in bed with a stack of books. :)

PS: It bothers me to hear commercials on the radio for Mr. Brain’s Faggots. I hate that word, and I’ll never use it no matter how long I live here. Hearing someone say “I’m going to step outside and have a fag” brings an interesting visual into my mind. lol…

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