Ten Things Meme, courtesy of others…

Ten things (give or take a few) that I have done and you probably haven’t:

1) Lived in the ruins of Houdini’s mansion in the Hollywood Hills (in the gatehouse, which is the only section still standing).

2) Smuggled cocaine out of Peru.

3) Been held hostage for three days, which mainly involved sitting around a small apartment watching Spanish soaps (Colorina) with three boys who didn’t look old enough to shave, let alone carry guns.

4) Smoked pot with John Barrymore, Jr.

5) Harlan Ellison once told me I was beautiful.

6) I once stepped outside of time, or into an altered state of conciousness (without drugs); it felt as though only a few minutes had passed, but in fact it was hours. All senses were expanded/sharpened, rather like it must be if you could slip into a wolf’s body for a bit. No, I’ve never been able to re-create it.

7) Met Timothy Leary, John Belushi and once I had Barry Levinson in my house.

8) Fenced in the National Championships.

That’s all – I couldn’t come up with ten. And I’m NOT going to talk about most of these, of course, it was a lifetime ago…so don’t ask about #2, 3 or 6.

14 thoughts on “Ten Things Meme, courtesy of others…”

  1. virexmachina

    whoa. just whoa. now thats a list.

    You’re a fencer too? I knew I liked you :P

    But i want to ask about them!

  2. /me agrees with view expressed in #5.

    (I note that both of you only reached eight though …)

  3. Fencing at one time was my whole life…and then I hurt my knee and couldn’t fence, and then my husband and I drfited apart (he was my coach, which is how we first met) and eventually divorced.

    The others…it’s weird writing about things like that that involve other people. Not that it could cause trouble at this late date, but still.

  4. :) Thank you. :)

    I forgot about one that Phil had, the one about having a bunch of INS guys dressed in black SWAT team attire questioning us. Bastards. Try having a giant shaven-headed guy shaking a fistful of your lingerie in your face, while someone else is going through your checkbook entries…that is extremely weird.

  5. It was beautiful, but spooky. There was a definite aura to it. There were something like thirteen acres of ground, stone stairways going up into nothing, arches all overgrown, etc. It was an incredible place. We used to have to chase people off every Halloween who wanted to have seances there – too much of a danger of them setting the whole place on fire.

  6. The Harlan story was funny, actually – I had wanted to meet him for ages, and I had plans of wowing him once I met him. I went to a book signing, he told me I was beautiful, and I sounded like the village idiot afterwards – I was stunned. lol…you could practically hear him thinking “cute, but SO dumb.”

  7. *teehee* It is just a *bit* perfect for me! :) *bounce*

    I just need to find the perfect ‘bouncy’ one now!

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