Tempest Keep: the Eye

alar.jpgYesterday, after Magtheridon, we took a peek into The Eye.  It was an enormous amount of fun.  I love being part of runs where everyone is first learning the instance; it makes your first boss kills so much more satisfying. It’s also nice not to be learning instances that everyone else has on farm, as people tend to forget that it takes some time to learn tactics and quick responses. I tend to be overly-careful on new bosses, as a result…I hate being the one to make mistakes.

I had died just before hitting the Phoenix-hawks, so when I ressed and ran in it was a bit manic and I didn’t have time to look around.  On the next death, when I ran back through the room, I had an instant heart-attack when I realised that Al’ar was flying lazy circles above my head.  The really funny thing is that he was there all the time, I just didn’t realise when we were pulling the mobs in that room and killing them.  :D

All in all, a very good night.

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