teh cat drama

I am tired this morning, and plan on sleepwalking all day until 5:00pm…thank goodness it is Friday. You see, we got a kitten last night. One. Little. Tiny. Kitten.

Kit is our very old cat, a stray who decided to live with us. He doesn’t interact with other cats at all, and just wants to be left alone to sleep in the sun.

Laurence, the Lolcat, is my young cat – he’s gorgeous, but a very odd fellow. Since Kit won’t interact with him at all, he’s quite lonely. He’s terrified of anything “outside”, any changes, anything that upsets his very limited indoor world.

Cleo is the new kitten, a semi-feral barn cat kitten. We wanted someone that Laurence could play with and have as a companion…but she wants none of it. She doesn’t trust us much, either.

Last night the house was filled with hissing and tension. At 3:00 am this morning, Kit came into the bedroom and conveyed his upset and displeasure by very loudly throwing up on the off-white carpet (thanks for that – catsick stains will look just lovely). Cleo is hiding behind the TV, hissing at anything or anyone who comes near her. I passed Kit on the stairs this morning, and he swiped at my leg with all claws out (I’m obviously on his shitlist for instigating all of this).

I think I’ll go run away and live with the circus for a bit until they all work it out.  :)


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