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I’m home sick today, with that damn tooth paining me. I have to find a dentist that will allow me to come in on an emergency basis, and make payments.

Mailed J. and N. to let them know where I was, in case anything came up and someone needed to call. Forgot that mail was unlikely to be working today. :(

I ran the online tarot reading that Andrew wrote, and asked about what was likely to happen re: changing jobs. This was what I got:

Page of Swords in the Cover position.
(Cover position: Present situation. This card indicates the circumstances surrounding the current situation. It may help define an unclear problem or give the seeker insight into his or her own character.)

Meaning: Vigilance, agility, insight, keenness of vision. Service done in secret. The seeker obtains the help of a younger person.

*Hmmmn…service done in secret? Could be the work on the site tp make it a dynamic, database-driven site. That is quasi-secret. Help of a younger person? Nathan, I think that’s you.

Eight of Wands in the Cross position.
(Cross position: Major influence. This card describes the influences which affect the situation. These influences are often at odds with the seeker.)

Meaning: Swift activity, the path of activity, hope. Freedom of action after a period of inaction. Too swift a pace. Decisions made too hastily. Travel.

*Swift activity, freedom of action. That certainly describes the situation right now. Major changes being pushed through on the site, also getting my own work and CV in order.

Knight of Cups in the Crown position.
(Crown position: Goal, aspiration or fate. This card describes the most befitting future which can arise from the current situation. The card may stand for the seeker’s hopes for the future.)

Meaning: An opportunity may be presented to the seeker. The arrival of a lover. Approach, appeal, creativity, inspiration.

*Opportunity? I certainly hope so!!! ;)

Six of Swords in the reverse Beneath position.
(reverse Beneath position: Far past, basis. This card describes the historical basis for the current situation.)

Meaning: No escape. Journey postponed. A trip to a higher level of conciousness is advised.

*No escape? I think a lot of us feel that way at work. lol…

Nine of Swords in the Before position.
(Before position: Recent events. This card describes the most recent influences which have led to the current situation.)

Meaning: Suffering, desolation, doubt, suspicion, misery, dishonesty, slander, a vicious circle. Illness or injury to a loved one. Alternatively, troubles which aren’t over yet. The worst is yet to come.

*Need I comment on this?

Judgement in the Behind position.
(Behind position: Near future. This card generally describes the situation which is developing and will continue into the next months.)

Meaning: A change of position, rejuvenation, rebirth. Reward, acquiring a purpose. Atonement, paying the piper, accounting for one’s actions.

*That bodes well. I quite like that…except for the paying the piper thing.

Four of Wands in the Self position.
(Self position: Self. This card indicates the seeker’s place in the current situation.)

Meaning: Harmony, romance, a wedding. Society, newly acquired prosperity, fruits of labor, rest, harvest, home.

*Sort of applicable. The new house, etc. I’d like to see some fruits of my goddamn labour, though.

Two of Cups in the House position.
(House position: Feelings. This card defines the effect of the seeker’s emotions on the situation at hand through the near future. This card may also indicate what emotional state the seeker should try to emulate for best results.)

Meaning: Satisfying love, friendship, platonic love, a good partnership, harmony, cooperation. Two opposing forces blend and yield a glorious whole.

*Well, yes. I can see this. Phil and I are strong together, which gives me a solid base at home and something that makes it all worthwhile. I think N. and I have a good partnership at work, and we could achieve impressive things if TPTB allow us the breathing room in which to do so.

King of Wands in the Hopes position.
(Hopes position: Hopes and fears. This card is an indication of how the seeker would like things to turn out – or alternatively, how the seeker fears they will turn out.)

Meaning: A man of passion, handsome, conscientious, noble, strong. Sometimes hasty.

*This one totally lost me. Could be Phil, I suppose. The question was job-related, though.

Knight of Swords in the Outcome position.
(Outcome position: Final outcome. This card predicts the lasting effect of the current situation. Nothing is set in stone, however – this outcome will be different if the current situation is purposefully altered.)

Meaning: A soldier; heroic, brave. Righteous anger. Triumph over opposition. A practical solution to a problem.

*Triumph over opposition…yes, I hope so. Turning this soul-destroying situation into something positive. I’ll hold onto that outcome. :)

Back to bed…

3 thoughts on “Tarot Reading”

  1. Hoping you feel bettah, and soon! *hug*

    Make some phone calls while you’re home – surely there’s got to be a dentist who’ll take payments??

    I assume you have no dental insurance at the college. We never have here either. Thank god they changed the dental at MF and now I’m on it. Woohoo for fixed teeth and a decent dentist – Finally!

    I’m crossing my fingers for you!

  2. Thank you – I appreciate it!!! To be perfectly disgusting, what actually happened this morning was that I must have been grinding my teeth together in my sleep, and the stupid tooth was completely out, hanging by the steel cable or nerve or whatever is holding it there, and I couldn’t get the goddamn thing back in. Horrible. I need to go asap – I had found one highly recommended dentist, but she wasn’t seeing any new patients.

    It’s nice having all medical bills paid, by the way…so different from home. My prescriptions are completely free, as well, since I’m on thyroid medication and for some bizarre reason they pick everything else up, as well. Suits me – hooray for National Health! ;)

  3. Damn! Ow. Shit.

    *stunned by the visual*

    I really hope you find someone to take care of it soon. Can relate far too well, particularly about the grinding. Broke one of mine a few weeks back the same way.

    And.. yeah. I read the results of your tarot reading and decided to do one of my own. OMG – scarily accurate. Will probably post it tomorrow as it might be a sensitive subject today…

    Take care!

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