Taking the Leap

This is the view out of my window at work: trees lashed by rain, dark grey skies, rivulets of water running down the windows. It looks like 8:00 pm out there…in February.

Is there somewhere where I can file an official complaint about the English weather?  This is totally unacceptable for August. I’m wearing layered sweaters in an attempt to keep warm. My hands are cold and I’m actually considering having a cup of hot tea (I’ve never acquired the British taste for tea).

Since I’m presently working at a job (search optmisation specialist) that bores me to tears, there is a lot of time to think about some of the projects that I want to start. I plan and make notes and flesh out outlines and backstories.

The creative process is interesting: sometimes it’s like being hit by lightning, and you’re struck by a great idea that you work on in a fevered passion until it’s done. Sometimes it’s more like something that you can feel growing inside…it gradually gets bigger, more complete, more mature, until it reaches the stage when you can actually start working.

I’ve got an idea for an illustrated children’s book about a girl inventor. It’s a steampunk fairytale about imagination, and how it can be used to escape a grey existence in a drab Northwest England estate. It has a sleeping princess, and airships made from granny pants.  :)  It might be fun.

Quite honestly, I have the whole story in my head. It’s starting the art that scares me. I haven’t drawn 0r painted in ages, and only in the last year or so started working again in digital media. I’m afraid of failing, and having the shiny idea turn dull and broken.

It’s a scary thing.

5 thoughts on “Taking the Leap”

  1. You’ll do great, your work is absolutely amazing! I have no doubt you will succeed, take the leap!

  2. Awww, thank you. :) I know it sounds silly, but I’m scared to death. It’s all sitting there complete, shiny in my mind, but I am afraid of not having the talent to actually do it.

  3. Every journey begins with a single step. Every story begins with the first page. Just start at the beginning and go one page at a time. You’ll produce something wonderful. I know it.

  4. One quote that I read in a book about writing recently that may help is “get it done, don’t get it right”. the important thing is to get those ideas down on paper – just brain dump it all and ignore the critic sitting on your shoulder, ignore your self-doubt and just do it. an eve analogy: you’ll never learn to pvp in EvE if you’re afraid of loosing a ship :-)

    I love your blog and your artwork – I’m certain you’ll be able to create a wonderful childrens book!

  5. @Akura – that is a very good quote, and it’s true – good ideas can wither and fade if not actually made flesh somewhere. One of my favourite writing books is “On Writing” by Stephen King. I may be attributing something by another author to him, but I think I remember him talking about doing a first draft: just get it on paper. Don’t let anyone read it, don’t go back and revise – just get it down on paper.

    I very much like your blog. :)

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