Taking One For The Team

Our guild has been experiencing a certain amount of ennui and dissatisfaction with the current state of raiding. Some members are excited about achievements, and want to continue raiding in order to finish the Raider achievements prior to the patch (and get the protodrake mount). I am not bothered by achievements, and don’t want to spend a night of my life (and quite a few hundred gold on two flasks, raid arrows, food and repairs) going through the same content over and over again.  Even on alt runs, we’re disenchanting most of the gear. Most of the warriors and rogues now sport an Envoy of Mortality, which makes a lot of hunters cry.  I would rather do something else.

Recently we’ve had several very long-term members of the guild quit or go on hiatus, some of them specifically giving their reason for doing so as not wanting to grind raid achievements. It’s a shame, as these people have been instrumental in the guild.

I’ve already made the choice to move to social, as I need a break from raiding. And part of that has to do with the raid achievement grind. Since you do need a full raid to do them, the members who aren’t bothered by achievements are needed to raid in order to help those who do.

Perhaps I just don’t play well with others. Ok, I already know for a fact that I don’t play well with others, but still…a night of wipes on a six-minute Malygos (calling for a wipe when it’s evident that we can’t make the time) isn’t my idea of fun.

Team spirit…lack of.   I haz it.  :)

2 thoughts on “Taking One For The Team”

  1. Isn’t it just just like wiping for days on Huhuran or Mu’ru? Its same fight all over again,

    Difference is, You won’t get gear. But You will get prestigious title and mount. Same pixels:-)

    I am on opposite side – I remember when Black Temple patch went live and I though “so beautiful and lore-full stuff, shame I have no chance in hell to even dip toe in it”. But I agree that for hardcores wotlk is big meh. Casual players see same content for fraction of hardcore hardships. But still we can’t get same pixels as You:-)

  2. But, but…they’re not pixels, they’re not! :P Those pixels represent hours of our lives – which could admittedly be spent more rewardingly.

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