Taking a Break

I think I need to take some time off from raiding, and step back a bit.  There are times in life when there is just too much stress, too much going on, too much left undone.  This is definitely one of those times.

The project that I’m working on, although definitely career-making, has had a terrible toll on everyone in the team.  I have a massive tax bill from the period where I was working on a contract basis (I’m an idiot when it comes to finances and keeping records), and we need to do work on the house so we can remortgage to pay it. The housework piles up, the animals are unplayed with, and there has been precious little personal time for us at home – not conducive to keeping a relationship healthy.  I need to sell my horse, since she’s sitting unridden at an extremely expensive show barn…although getting anyone to take on a locally-famous psychopath will be tough.  :)  Poor Lizzie.

So.  Obviously real life needs to take precedence for a bit.  I’ll still do instances – I need to collect keys for heroics on both of them, and get the nethers to make the gear that I need. I’ll still be available when an extra lock is needed.   (Although after the last Kara run, when the mage in the party announced as we started that he hated warlocks, my eagerness to help has diminished. This is an odd group…there are some very nice people, but no one will respond to my greetings or anything else if I’m on Kit. Very weird.  So I tend not to talk much on Ravven, as a result.)

So tired. I need my life back.

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