Take Me, I’m Yours

Anyone want a lightly used but still functional web developer/designer? Several years experience in a large US e-commerce company, much freelance experience, presently at FE college in the UK. ASP, databases, Flash, Actionscripting, Photoshop, you name it; beginning PHP and MySQL. I need a new home desperately. :(

I was so frustrated today that I came home and cried. I feel sick to my stomach all the time. Phil keeps reminding me that no one there is judged on targets or success in any way, it’s a not-for-profit institution. Basically, if you show up in the morning, you’re fine. I can’t work, or live, that way.

On to the job sites…

4 thoughts on “Take Me, I’m Yours”

  1. Thanks – MUCH appreciated. I’m on the computer at home looking at job sites right now. I envy you…getting out seems like such a dream.

  2. mercury_realm

    I can relate, but in a different way.I work in a sweat shop, for an unnapreciative philastine who expects twenty concepts an hour and can turn on a whim and say that he doesn’t like any of them because they don’t ‘sing’.
    I feel sick all of the time too, but unfortunately I’d get canned if I went home.

    I think we are in the wrong industry to be perfectly honest hon-or at the very least in the wrong country.

    Hope we both feel better soon.

  3. Me, too. Thanks. :) Here’s to both of us getting the hell out of our respective rat races…here’s to better professional/creative lives!

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