Take Me, I’m Yours, Part II

Well, to add insult to injury, it rained on the way back in to work. The wind was blowing so hard that my umbrella turned inside out and tried to rip itself out of my hands, whacking me really hard in the center of the forehead. An old lady laughed at me.

I’ve had better days.

Via Michael Moore, I just found a very good interview with Gore Vidal. You should read it.

But Gore, you have lived through a number of inglorious administrations in your lifetime, from Truman’s founding of the national-security state, to LBJ’s debacle in Vietnam, to Nixon and Watergate, and yet here you are to tell the tale. So when it comes to this Bush administration, are you really talking about despots per se? Or is this really just one more rather corrupt and foolish Republican administration?

No. We are talking about despotism. I have read not only the first PATRIOT Act but also the second one, which has not yet been totally made public nor approved by Congress and to which there is already great resistance. An American citizen can be fingered as a terrorist, and with what proof? No proof. All you need is the word of the attorney general or maybe the president himself. You can then be locked up without access to a lawyer, and then tried by military tribunal and even executed. Or, in a brand-new wrinkle, you can be exiled, stripped of your citizenship and packed off to another place not even organized as a country — like Tierra del Fuego or some rock in the Pacific. All of this is in the USA PATRIOT Act. The Founding Fathers would have found this to be despotism in spades. And they would have hanged anybody who tried to get this through the Constitutional Convention in Philadelphia. Hanged.

Dark days continue in America…

3 thoughts on “Take Me, I’m Yours, Part II”

  1. It’s a matter of perspective, though, isn’t it? I feel as though the entire damn country went insane, and turned against everything that I grew up believing in. The environment? Fuck it, burn it to the ground so that a bunch of old white guys in Texas can stay rich. Women’s rights? The right to choose? To hell with it – you should be abstaining and going to church instead of having sex. Gays? Well, we don’t have a law saying that it’s an offense punishable by death just yet (we’re working on that), but we can keep them from obtaining certain jobs.

    It’s not the country that I grew up in. These are not my people. He’s not my president. (He’s not really anyone’s president, actually, having stolen the election, but I suppose that’s beside the point.)

    I admit that there are nice things, like the ability to make a good wage. And there are good people there. I just feel angry and betrayed. As Michael Moore put it: “Dude, Where’s My Country?” lol…

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