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1. Total number of books I’ve owned

I couldn’t begin to even estimate…enough for a small-town library, I’d guess. I prefer buying books to reading library books, as I’ll go back and re-read them over the years. When I moved to the UK, I literally adopted out my library, separating the books into piles for the people that I thought would really love them. My parents still have several boxes that I couldn’t bear to part with, and couldn’t afford to ship…I pick some up on each visit.

2. The last book I bought

My last Amazon order had several books by Alice Hoffman that I hadn’t read, The Ice Queen and The Blackbird House.

3. The last book I read

Presently reading In the Night Room by Peter Straub. Undecided about it so far – not one of his best. I think that Shadowland was a gorgeous book. [edit – just finished it, and still not impressed. Although I hadn’t read lost boy, lost girl so that may have something to do with it.]

4. Five books that mean a lot to me

I’m going to use books/authors interchangeably on this:

Most books by Charles de Lint, whom I love. If I could live in a book, Newford would be my new hometown.

Shadowland, by Peter Straub. I love books that blur the line between magic and reality, real and unreal, that open doors to what may be possible. That is why one of my favourite genres is magical realism.

The Valdemar novels by Mercedes Lackey. Although she bugs me as a person, and there is an element of whininess to her characters, she did write Vanyel, who at one time I loved more than I have ever loved a real human being.

Tam Lin by Pamela Dean. Janet is the person whom I would have been had I been a different person…that probably makes no sense to anyone other than myself.

Drawing Blood by Poppy Z. Brite. Perfect, perfect book, perfect characters. I know she’s done with this type of book, but I do miss her darker work.

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  1. … I swear that photo is of MY bookshelves! very eerie :)

    and must echo you on the M. Lackey review. And for much the same reasons.

  2. Yes, I forgive her for the “everybody hates me, no one understands me” teenage-angst element to her characters just because I love the rest of it so much. I loved Vanyel, and I still cry when I re-read the novels. Add in Heralds (how cool would THAT be?) and you have books that I care very much for.

    I’m re-arranging the shelves right now…they’re sagging alarmingly.

  3. catwithclaws

    Generally, wanting to throttle a main character in a book isn’t a good thing :P I know I’ve wanted to do that with hers on occasion, but NEVER Vanyel which I really feel – short as the books were – were her best works. Of course, they were the first ones I read (and have re-read at least… 20-30 times in the last 12 years) so I’ve a biased in that regard as well.

    I enjoy her writing overall and only occasionally feel like she’s re-treading the same ground. Have issues with the Exiles two books, for as much as I adore Alberich, I had constant urge to eviscerate Ms. Lackey for writing herself into her books. *grumble*

    I’ve thought about getting another bookshelf (I barely have room but could squeeze it in I think…) so mine don’t sag with the double layers of books on nearly every shelf. Then realize as soon as I put it in, it’ll be full and I’ll STILL have some shelves with double rows of books on them. Someday, dangit, I’ll have my own place and will BUILD floor to ceiling shelves in an entire room. Very much my library :)

  4. Mmmmnnn…a library. Someday I’ll have a house with a proper library, with shelves on all the walls, a comfy reading chair and good reading light, and a minibar. I’d never come out. ;) I admit there are other things that I would add to that little fantasy, like a round tower bedroom with a four-poster canopy bed and a fireplace. lol…someday, when I become a fairytale princess or something.

  5. wandringsoul

    You’re already a Princess!! But yes, the thought of even more books in a third floor bedroom sometimes fills me with dread…I can imagine one night lying in bed, and an alarming creaking noise begins upstairs, louder and louder, then silent. then ‘WOooomf’ I’m buried alive under two tons of Times Roman…

  6. Hahahaha…what a way to go! At least it would be quick. :) Did I mention that I want you to help me haul the chair from the front room upstairs so I can have it as a reading chair? AND I need more bookshelves.

  7. wandringsoul

    Yes, you’ve mentioned the chair a couple of times, and after the performance we had getting the bed settee up there, I’ve chosen to avoid acknowledging the request!!

    MORE bookshelves?? Not going to happen… too much weight up there already in one spot…

    LESS books is the answer.

    : )

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