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    World of Darkness Squee

    Yes!  CCP/White Wolf have confirmed World of Darkness, which will be in the Vampire the Masquerade setting. I can’t tell you how much time I spent playing that RPG. Although I would have welcomed mixing a bit of Werewolf in, I do see how that would have become problematic.

    I am SO looking forward to more news about this!

  • MMOs

    CCP: Physically Simulated Clothing and Hair

    This is absolutely stunning. Say farewell to stiff helmet hair that looks as realistic as the hair on a Lego figurine. Say hello to shining, floaty, long tresses and cloth that acts as cloth really would. This is gorgeous.

    If it does actually get made, the World of Darkness MMO is going to be amazing. EVE will look great, as well, but as someone said (I’m sorry, I don’t remember which blog or site I saw this on), after playing Star Trek Online I’m much less excited about having my EVE characters walk around in the space stations.