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    You Guys Make Me Laugh

    I’ve seen a lot of posts recently about “why Destruction is more popular than Order”. Relmstein had Five Reasons Destruction is more popular then Order. Syncaine posted More freaks than elves, what happened to the NE Huntard kiddies? Maybe it’s just me, but I would have thought that the answer was obvious.

    Seriously, guys. I’m female and the answer is immediately obvious…or one of them, anyway. It’s the Destro girls. Perhaps the server where I rolled is populated by pervs, but all I see are witch elfs running around in thongs, a couple of bandaids, and some laddered tights. What teenage boy wouldn’t play one?

    Hey, maybe I’m wrong. Perhaps it’s something much deeper than T&A.  But I very much doubt it. All Mythic needs to do is get some white and gold thongs on those high elves, and you won’t see any disparity. Just some free advice, feel free to take it if you wish.

    But I’m right.

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    Warhammer…still having fun

    Since I finally gave up fighting the EA Store on cancelling my preorder (they have a very successful customer service policy of ignoring people until they go away, unlike Play.com where I cancelled online without problem), I’ve been playing out my free trial…and having an inordinate amount of fun.

    Would I have paid for a subscription (even if GOA hadn’t designed an insecure, bug-ridden site completely in Flash that I would never, under any circumstances, enter a credit card number into)?  Honestly, no. It’s lovely for a casual-friendly game, but Guild Wars is almost as fun, graphically just as good, and it’s free. Even if I was working, I couldn’t justify yet another hefty monthly subscription fee.

    Right now, however, when we’re both really down (and quite honestly have a lot of free time), it’s been wonderful. I’ve been really enjoying my Disciple of Khaine, and she’s levelling at a decent pace. I also have a Shadow Warrior, but I haven’t clicked with her as much. The Public Quests are as awesome as everyone says, and pvp can actually be fun.

    I’ll miss her when I have to put her away…

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    Warhammer at Last

    No raiding for a few days, as we have good friends staying with us throught the end of the week. Lots of XBox and Warhammer…since I now have a version installed on my machine, courtesy of Raz, and also his beta account in lieu of my broken one.

    It’s actually a lot of fun so far. I’ve been trying different classes to see which ones I like best. My first one was Shadow Warrior, which has a lot of potential but felt weak, as I kept getting one-shotted by half-naked girls (Witch Elfs). I made my next character a Witch Elf, and died just as much if not more than I did on the Shadow Warrior…I have to admit that I suck.  :D

    The environments are quite pretty, but the character models have much to be desired. They are brighter and flatter than the environments, looking a bit like they were cut out and dropped on top of the environment. Some of the casting animations need work, and the run animation looks a bit like moonwalking, as though the character isn’t connecting with the ground. Aside from that, I quite like it. The quests are the usual ten-rats type of quests, the Public Quests rock, and the RvR is a lot of fun.

    Would I pay for a subscription?  Probably not. But I’m enjoying a couple of days in the beta all the same.