Warhammer Online

Heal Me

I was a lazy bint last night. I had a lot of plans for all the work that I was going to do once I got home. I was going to be productive, I was going to get a lot accomplished on some of the new projects that I’ve been planning. Instead, I drank a […]

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Pvp in Warhammer

I play Warhammer quite differently than I do Warcraft. For one thing, I group with people easily. Remember, I’m so antisocial that I will say “sorry, logging soon” if invited to a spur of the moment group in Wow, and will actually log out. I know that’s very sad. In Warhammer, it’s easy, casual, and

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Witch Hunter

I just found another class that I really, really like: the Witch Hunter. Mainly, I think, because I can hang back and pop away at things, even at her no-gear level, and still have some oomph at close quarters. She’s fun. Damn, Warhammer is refusing to let me go.  :)

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On Being A Guy

I’ve been sidetracked from my Disciple of Khaine recently by a Chosen tank called Xanax. Yeah, I know, but I only created him to check out the starting area, and that name just came off the top of my head – I didn’t expect to continue playing him. I’ve always had issues with playing male

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