Boy, does this bring back memories. I do miss Vanilla WoW sometimes – those were very good times. I miss how epic 40-man raids felt, before the artificial playstyle of hardmode dances. I miss world bosses. I miss just exploring. I miss the friends that I had. I don’t miss running half-way across a continent

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Ravven at 85

Ravven, the first character that I ever created in an MMO, dinged 85 last week. I haven’t played here in ages, but it was still a rather nostalgic moment. Had I known back in 2005 how much time I would waste on MMOs…well, yeah, I probably would have done it anyway. :) Since then I

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Such a Girl

With all of the news lately about patch 4.3, what am I most excited about? Transmorgrification and the new Darkmoon Faire. Such a girl. I have outfits for most of my characters, some skanky and some not. Kitsune is going to be happy to finally look like a proper hunter. Hunters shouldn’t be dressed in

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Mists of Pandaria

There are a lot of conversations going on this morning on the newly-trademarked Mists of Pandaria. The comments on the Massively article were interesting – I had always believed in the statement that Pandaren were originally scrapped because you weren’t allowed to represent pandas in such a way in China. Evidently, that is not true,

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