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    Turn away from the Light!

    Since I (take your pick of the options below):

    1. Have discovered a new love of Warcraft and gotten over my burnout
    2. Currently have no other MMOs that I’m playing since I stopped playing STO and Allods
    3. Am a sucker for pain. Hit me, hard!

    …I’ve started to feel a bit nostalgic for my raiding days. I know, I know – insanity. I love having a life, I love free time, I love being able to say “I’m just going to read and drink wine by the fire tonight” rather than bolt some food so I can be at the PC within a half hour of getting home from work. It would be crazy to think about raiding again.

    And yet…and yet…what else am I preparing for? Kitsune is sitting there, languishing unplayed and with last season’s gear, used only for the occasional Borean leather AOE farming session. Kestraal, my horde pally, is 80 and dual-specced for healing and retribution for grinding. The thought of just jumping in and healing a pug for my very first experience as healer makes me think that perhaps I’d be better off doing something more positive and fun, like sticking a pencil in my eye. I’m levelling my first character, my original raid main, Ravven the warlock – she’s in the high 70s. There’s a priest in Borean Tundra, kicking her heels in boredom, and a baby hunter that I’ve been levelling. For what, unless I raid?

    Someone slap me quick so I can come to my senses. :)