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    Money Well Spent

    Europe is still waiting for the Warcraft faction change service that has been rolled out in the States. No word aside from “soon” when it will be available here. Am I considering it?  Definitely. It would be nice to win at pvp every once in a while.  :)

    I couldn’t afford to faction-change everyone, of course, so it would split up my professions and the things that each character is in charge of. And to be honest, I wouldn’t move everyone even if I could afford it, since that would be an obscene expenditure of money on a game. I couldn’t move Kitsune because she is who she is, and being a nelf (cliche though that is) is part of her backstory.  But my Draenei pally would look so much nicer as a belf pally – their horses are much nicer. Everyone else I would change to trolls, since trolls rock and are Teh Sexx – I love trolls. So tempting.

    There have been many posts about the amount of money that we spend on non-essential game items – Runes of Magic mounts being the most written about. I would totally pay for a horse once I start playing that game again (and with the new content, I plan to) – the added convenience is definitely worth the $10. I can’t tell you how many server transfers, account transfers, name changes, etc., that I have spent money on over the years. I know that it would be a horrifying figure if I was able to total it all up.

    Was it worth it?  Hell yeah. Over the course of the time that we have been playing, we’ve made so many friends, and spent so many enjoyable evenings with them that yes, it was worth whatever I’ve spent on it.