• Cosplay

    Tokyo Game Show 2010

    …don’t try this at home. Seriously, you just can’t look this cute unless you’re Japanese. I adore cosplay pics and themed maid cafes and so on, but middle-Western Americans just can’t pull this off.

    That’s kind of unfair, actually. When most Westerners dress up, we kind of look like LARPers, vaguely tubby white people running around in armor made from carpet and cardboard, whacking each other with rubber swords.

    There. I’ve just pissed off LARPers, American cosplayers, Midwestern Americans, and probably those of Japanese descent as well (although you guys have nothing to be pissed off about because you’re so damned stylish and cute).

    Anyway, a link to a gallery of cosplay pics from the Tokyo Game Show 2010. *sigh*