the secret world

Gaming: Going Home

I’m one of those bitter, disillusioned players who still haven’t received a WildStar invite. I check mail every time an announcement goes out that they’ve sent out another 30k invites…and taste the tears of disappointment every time as I go uninvited. Damn you, Carbine. Games I’m still playing: The Secret World, which I play sporadically. …

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Possibly the Best April Fools Post Ever

Possibly the best post ever. I *heart* these guys!   The Secret World Shifts to Fantasy Setting “After several intense rounds of closed testing we have identified that people just love orcs and elves,” says Senior Producer and Creative Director Ragnar Tørnquist. “Helicopters, assault rifles, government conspiracies and real-world monsters of myth and legend are …

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Secret World Trailer (old)

This is old news, of course, but I’d missed it when it was first released. Can’t wait for more info on this game. I’ve been looking forward to a good non-fantasy MMO, and I love the idea of there being a horror element to the game.