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    I Lol’d

    A guest post from one of the Warcraft blogs that I enjoy most: Jaedia’s The Lazy Sniper. This entry is entitled A Rant About Tanks 2: Electric Boogaloo, and it totally made me laugh. (And I have to tell ya, I desperately needed some giggles today, it’s been one of those weeks that’s on the Honor Roll of All-Time Shit Weeks.)

    This is everything that you need to know about tanking:

    • Use your hurty attacks to make the mean people not kill everyone.
    • Every last healer and DPS is a wanker.

    Enjoy. :)

    That said, I’m totally going to try tanking this weekend. Be warned.

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    Fear of Tanking

    I’m working through lunch (yet again!) as there is just too much to do. Too many sites that need building, too many reports and specs to write, just too much. But also (as you’ve probably guessed by now) I’m kind of slacking as well. I’m writing a blog post, eating a chocolate brownie, listening to Miyavi and Marilyn Manson (music tastes that cover the spectrum) and wishing it was finally the weekend already.You know, free time. Time to spend gaming. The thing that I manage to crawl through my week in order to get – which I completely admit is a sad way to spend a life.

    My paladin is breathing down the neck of Level 80, and I’d like to try tanking a bit with her. It was the original purpose for levelling her. But I read accounts like the veryvery funny pass my soapbox from Tam at Righteous Orbs, and I have to think: Who in their right mind would ever, ever want to be a tank or a healer? Seriously.

    I did some tanking in Aion on my Templar Ravven, and although legion runs were a lot of fun, pugs were not. On my very first tanking experience, the first time in a new instance, the first time I’d ever tried marking and pulling and keeping aggro, we had the group from hell. Higher-level players who had run that instance before, and wanted to get through it as fast as possible. It was one of those “GOGOGO” type of runs, with one of the players impatient enough to start pulling his own mobs.

    You pull it, you better be able to tank it. Not wearing plate?  Sucks to be you.

    I admit that I’m not the most social of people, anyway. I just generally think that a large percentage of the people you group with will turn out to be asshats. Now, I’m just speaking from personal experience, mind you – your mileage may vary. But I have terrible, terrible luck with pugs. And the thought of tanking one…