Level 50 Blues

I’ve felt a bit meh in SWTOR after my Sith Inquisitor reached 50. To be honest, I was feeling a bit meh prior to that, but since she hit level cap I can’t escape the feeling that she’s “done”. I have alts of almost every other class, but don’t have the energy to start seriously

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Happy 2012

Welcome to a bright shiny new year. I have high hopes for 2012, since I am determined to operate under the naive assumption that it can’t rain all the time…surely some years have to have good weather? In any event, I’m being positive. I’ve been working on Clockwork Bluebird edits and revisions, and have just

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Grrr…yet another kick in the teeth for players from EA/Bioware. Although everyone gets a month of free gametime as part of the game, you have to provide credit card details in order to play. Fair enough, but warn people. Having worked hard all morning writing SEO copy, I was looking forward to playing…and found that

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