Star Trek Online

An MMO Tart

I seem to be unable to commit to any MMO right now. Oh, sure, I have several on the go that I really enjoy, and will try to schedule quality time with each. But I don’t seem to be a commitment type of girl at the moment. I’m still playing Star Trek Online, but have

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Servers Down

Hmph. Well, on the bright side, I have played a lot of Warcraft this weekend. Cryptic is staying mum on what the problem actually is, and that is disappointing. I hadn’t realised until I played Aion how much really terrible customer service affects my enjoyment of a game. I got the feeling that NCSoft cared

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Mankrik’s Wife

First, do you know how difficult it is going out for a walk at lunchtime when a very strong, very cold wind is blowing…and you are wearing a black wrap dress that basically only fastens at the waist? I would have displayed a lot of personal areas that I would prefer remained hidden, except for

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