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    Kitsune Rides Again

    As I wrote in an earlier post, although I honestly have a lot of fun in Star Trek, it’s mainly been making me homesick for EVE. I freely admit that there won’t be any nice missions – it’s not really that kind of game. And yes, there will be a lot of reading while I travel from gate to gate. But there’s a lot that I haven’t seen, and am giving it another shot.

    In part, I admit, because I really want to continue Kitsune & Kawaii, as that was just getting started and I had several more episodes half-done. I want to continue her adventures, and see who she turns into.

    So, into the black again…hopefully as not such a terrible noob this time. :)

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    An MMO Tart

    I seem to be unable to commit to any MMO right now. Oh, sure, I have several on the go that I really enjoy, and will try to schedule quality time with each. But I don’t seem to be a commitment type of girl at the moment.

    I’m still playing Star Trek Online, but have been logging on less than previously. It’s still fun, but it’s less immersive than I had hoped. That may be a factor of levelling alone, I don’t know…or just the fact that the really good questlines are outweighed by the “talk to enemy signal contact” type of quests. Will I subscribe when my free time is up?  At this point, I’m not sure. The main thing it makes me feel is homesick for EVE, and that makes me think about resubscribing there…although I do remember that EVE mainly consisted of small bursts of excitement (generally as I got blown up) and long, dreary expanses of dulldom, going from gate to gate, running missions and so on. It still tempts me, though. I may already have done it if it didn’t still kind of piss me off that EU subscribers pay so much more than US ones.

    I’m looking forward to Allods Online, although I’m disappointed that I couldn’t talk my sisters into playing. I think that they would love it if they could try it. The game is polished and fun, and I think that we could have some silliness once a week while we had a chance to talk.

    In Warcraft, my Pally is levelling slowly, and she just got her cold weather flying (basically a 1000 gold bribe to allow you to use your old flying mount again). I’ve decided that I will dual-spec her for retribution and healing. I’d thought about tanking with her, as I did really enjoy it in Aion, but I won’t for two reasons: the main one is that I have absolutely NO sense of direction, to the point where it’s like a birth defect or a learning disability or something. I can’t remember where to go. When we raided, and were doing wipe nights (I mean progression runs), each and every time I ran back after resurrecting, I was unsure where to go. Over and over again. I just can’t do it. The second thing is that I really hate doing runs with people who want speed runs – it’s not good for a newb tank to have the “GO! GO! GO!” guy ranting at you, or worse – pulling. In Aion, I had a “you pull it, you better tank it” mentality. :)

    But again, as much as I will always love Warcraft, I still have an eye out for new and shiny MMOs. I can’t help it…I’m a tart. :)

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    The Great Tribble Breeding Experiment

    If you’ve been playing Star Trek Online, you know that there are tribbles in the game. They’re cute, they take up one bag slot, and you can equip them to heal yourself out of combat. Your away crew can even use them, and after every fight you’ll hear the soft trilling of tribbles as your crew pets theirs.

    For a while there, you got the occasional tribble that would buff you.  I wasn’t lucky enough to get one, so I decided to start breeding tribbles in my bank.

    You see, tribbles + food = more tribbles. It’s the only use I ever found for the disgusting alien food that you pick up along the way (snail steaks, blood pie, etc.), so it’s a win-win situation. I had lots of bank space, so I piled some tribbles and tons of food. A few days later: a metric buttload of tribbles!  Tons of tribbles in every conceivable colour, a veritable passion pit of headless furry animals.

    Unfortunately, none of the tribbles are the buff tribbles. They’re all normal tribbles, of use to no one.

    I’ve tried giving them away in front of the station canteen – I piled them in a box that said “Free Tribbles! Take One! Take Two!” but nothing happened except for some joker throwing some food in there. You guessed it…more tribbles.

    Anyone want a tribble?

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    STO: Guardian of Forever

    In Star Trek Online I had a really nicely-done questline today, which truly felt like the original show and the City on the Edge of Forever episdode. The guardian’s voice, the time travel, going back in time to help Spock – it made me feel quite nostalgic.  Lovely, simply lovely – even though I actually had to run through it twice in order to actually receive the quest reward. (I took the engine, but I was sooo tempted by those blue shields…)

    Sometimes the IP really works for immersion in the game, rather than restricting gameplay. This was perfect.

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    The Good Ship Lollipop

    I finally hit level 11 last night (friends and fleetmates are now some unimaginable level, like 220. Ok, what is it Raz – 21? 22? *sigh*) Anyway, green-eyed monster aside (just kidding), I reached the point where I could claim a shiny new science ship and a lot of new toys.

    I do miss the gorgeousness of the ships in EVE. It’s part of the reason I played Amarr, even though they do have a stick-up-the-wazoo racial that isn’t pleasant. Their ships are rich, shaped like birds of prey or marine animals done in gold and bronze. Lovely. I suppose STO ships are an inevitable consequence of the way that a strict IP will limit design. But anyway, I do love my new Lollipop.

    The servers have been very stable since launch, which I very much didn’t expect from the headstart problems. Some of the Genesis missions are still bugged. Overall, however, it’s going very smoothly. I’m liking it. :)

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    Servers Down

    Hmph. Well, on the bright side, I have played a lot of Warcraft this weekend. Cryptic is staying mum on what the problem actually is, and that is disappointing. I hadn’t realised until I played Aion how much really terrible customer service affects my enjoyment of a game. I got the feeling that NCSoft cared nothing for their players, and respected them not at all, and Cryptic is going the same way.

    That said, if I worked for them I would hate and despise every one of the players who are currently venting on the forums. The threads about the servers being down go on for hundreds of pages. And you wonder WHY I’m antisocial?  Why I hate grouping with people I don’t know? People are horrible, immature and mean.

    But you know…I agree with one thing. It would have been nice to actually play this weekend.  :(

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    Star Trek Online: Headstart

    The first night of headstart went quite smoothly, aside from some initial hiccups where people couldn’t authenticate. This morning it’s been a bit unstable, with a lot of rubber banding, missing crew members, and so on. They’re bringing the servers down now for maintenance. Overall, a very smooth launch (I do realise that I’ve probably just jinxed it).

    Initial thoughts:

    • Being able to take a screenshot of your beta character and then apply all of those options to your new character is wonderful – what a great feature. I’d created an alien character that I quite liked the look of, and you can never successfully re-create those exact features a second time. So being able to load all the options that I wanted from a screenshot was wonderful.
    • Turn off general chat, people are idiots. One of the first things that I did was create a new chat channel that had all the same options, except general chat was turned off.
    • I’m really hating the “go back to WoW” fanbois. This isn’t specifically a Star Trek problem, of course – it was actually a lot worse in Aion. But every time someone points out a feature that is currently bugged, or makes any criticism of a new game, you always have tons of idiots chorusing “go back to Wow, noob”. As if that was easier than this one, which so far is extremely easy and new-player-friendly.
    • Being dumped in groups with people is quite uncomfortable. I very much liked the public quest feature from Warhammer, and thought that STO would work like that. But this is like a LFG tool that dumps you in small groups without warning (unless you change your settings). I would have preferred something less personal. Remember, I’m a real antisocial type.  :)
    • As rabid a Firefly fan as I am, I wouldn’t be caught dead with the name Mal, flying in Serenity. Not in a million years.  I like my good ship, the USS Lollipop.  lol…

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    Star Trek Online Headstart, and Kitsune Flies Again

    I haven’t been logging in at all on the STO beta. I very much did not want to repeat my Aion mistake, which was to play so much beta (and re-start so many characters) that I was bored by the time actual launch rolled around. I’m very much looking forward to heardstart, however – in part because I’m thinking about carrying Kitsune‘s adventures forward into this “universe”.  I’m not sure how well she’ll translate, however.

    Obviously, Kit was born of my experiences playing EVE Online. The two unfinished episodes that I have waiting for me to come back to are concerned with very EVE themes: resurrecting as a clone after being podkilled (Welcome to Your New Life) and one of the standard missions that you get over and over again, which are the birthday present/doll ones (The Birthday Doll). Her nemesis, Shan V’Zhou, is the agent that sends Kit on this mission and the doll arrives…well, let’s just say it’s modified in a manner that the original maker never intended.

    Since there are both avatars and interiors in STO, it would be quite easy to use screenshots as the base for the artwork, and the strips would be a lot faster to do – given my slowness at actually drawing, I’d prefer to do storylines using screenshot art. But I would have to change her backstory quite a bit if I move her to a universe with a very limiting IP, so it poses problems.

    So tempting, though, to keep following Kitsune and her kawaii to see where they go. Hmmmn, must think.

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    Mankrik’s Wife

    First, do you know how difficult it is going out for a walk at lunchtime when a very strong, very cold wind is blowing…and you are wearing a black wrap dress that basically only fastens at the waist? I would have displayed a lot of personal areas that I would prefer remained hidden, except for the fact that I was wearing a slip underneath. However, I was quite conscious of the fact that I couldn’t find my black slip and I was wearing a beige one WHICH IS TOTALLY WRONG AND NOT SEXY AT ALL. Somedays you just can’t win, no matter how hard you try.

    Secondly, I hear that the latest patch for Star Trek Online added two Federation NPCs that stand around talking about Sulu being in Admiral Quinn’s office. Hahaha…if you’ve played the beta, you have heard approximately five million people asking in general chat how they can find Sulu for one of the intro quests. It’s the STO version of Mankrik’s Wife.

    Thirdly, Laurence takes horrible pictures – he always looks pissed off. This is him sitting on P’s keyword. More petting, less gaming!

    Thirdly, it’s time to get back to work.  :( No rest for the wicked…or even the marginally evil.

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    the one where I fail at Klingon

    Hmmph. I started some missions on my newly-created Klingon, Kitsunetsuki, and was promptly slaughtered. Several times. Is it my imagination, or are the starting ships and equipment on Klingon side totally gimped?

    Maybe I just fail.

    Anyway, I have logged off in a snit. :D

    On the other side, there was a very cool planet mission, on a planet with constant dust-storms. Visibility was almost nil, and there was a great feeling of nervousness…I felt as though I was going to fall off a cliff, or get attacked by something bad-tempered, at any moment. Great stuff.

    Oh, and Raz? You TOTALLY need to stick with EVE for a bit. I’ve always thought that you would really like it. It’s worth sticking with during the learning curve.