Rift End Game

Yesterday while I was doing a very boring ecommerce product migration from one site to another, I was playing around in my Google analytics account and noticed some interesting things. One, traffic had increased since Rift has come out – it was no longer just my husband and two close friends reading the blog. (I

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Guild Banks

There was quite a candid and in-depth interview recently that Massively did with Scott Hartsman at Pax East 2011. If you’re interested in Rift, it’s definitely worth a read. They cover launch, queues, a bit about the hacking issues, and so on. One thing I found interesting was the following: Massively: How about plans for

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Rift: Technical Issues

Since the last patch, I’ve been experiencing some distressing problems with Rift. There is a certain location (Trollsbane Caverns) where I was trying to finish up some lower-level quests before I move out of the area to Moonshade Highlands or Doughtlands that causes my PC to spontaneously shut down without warning. Everything is running cool,

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Cake or Death

Just had to use that title because I saw someone with a <Cake or Death> guild tag last night, and it really amused me. Great name. (For those of you who don’t know where the reference comes from, Eddie Izzard below.) So, death, please…no, cake! I meant cake.  :D I dinged 26 on my Cleric

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