rift planes of telara

Rift End Game

Yesterday while I was doing a very boring ecommerce product migration from one site to another, I was playing around in my Google analytics account and noticed some interesting things. One, traffic had increased since Rift has come out – it was no longer just my husband and two close friends reading the blog. (I …

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Rift: Scenes from Telara

Sometimes I just like to explore new areas (seeing how far I can get without being killed by a high-level mob), or just ride around and enjoy the scenery. These are some screeenshots showing some of the really lovely areas (and lovely skies) in Telara.  

Guild Banks

There was quite a candid and in-depth interview recently that Massively did with Scott Hartsman at Pax East 2011. If you’re interested in Rift, it’s definitely worth a read. They cover launch, queues, a bit about the hacking issues, and so on. One thing I found interesting was the following: Massively: How about plans for …

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Rift: Technical Issues

Since the last patch, I’ve been experiencing some distressing problems with Rift. There is a certain location (Trollsbane Caverns) where I was trying to finish up some lower-level quests before I move out of the area to Moonshade Highlands or Doughtlands that causes my PC to spontaneously shut down without warning. Everything is running cool, …

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Cake or Death

Just had to use that title because I saw someone with a <Cake or Death> guild tag last night, and it really amused me. Great name. (For those of you who don’t know where the reference comes from, Eddie Izzard below.) So, death, please…no, cake! I meant cake.  :D I dinged 26 on my Cleric …

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Starting Area Blues

Although I feel as though I’m conceeding something to the snarky little bastards on the forums (“stop QQing about queues, just reroll as many times as it takes to be able to play, I’m all smug and ass-hatty because I got in late and rolled on an empty server”), we logged in to Argent and …

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