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    Midsummer Gaming Ennui

    I’ve been bored with everything lately, at least in terms of gaming. After giving up on chasing Guild Wars Hall of Monuments achievements as punishing and unfun, I’ve been at a loss for something to play. I miss my escape into virtual worlds!

    I’ve been levelling a baby rogue in Warcraft, and I think she’s currently 28. It’s been a lot of fun, actually. I started her in the Undead starting area due to my longstanding desire to have an undead bone pony, and really enjoyed the questlines. Sylvanas is one of my favourite characters in WoW, and it was interesting to work alongside her for several levels of quests. Oh, the Dark Rangers…please please please let Dark Ranger be a class option someday. I have always longed to play one.

    I’m still in The Secret World beta, of course, and can jump in and play whenever I want…but I don’t want to. Due to Funcom debiting my card early (for a pre-order, still quite miffed about that), I’ll probably give the game a shot when it launches. I’m just not excited enough to play through the beta, and then do it all over again.

    There is a Guild Wars 2 open beta weekend coming up and although I will play, I admit to feeling a bit meh about it. ANet really needs to start communicating with people and announce a launch date, probably after this next beta weekend. Their marketing plan has peaked way early and now people are feeling a bit let down about the previous oversaturation of information and the current drought. Although this is a game that I am still very much looking forward to, I have to admit that they are kind of pissing me off.

    So here I am, with nothing to do. Pah! The Secret World is coming out in July, so I will play then. The fall and early winter will be stuffed full of juicy MMO launch goodness, with GW2, Mists of Pandaria, and a very interesting Rift expansion. (Downloading Rift again right now, but won’t resub until closer to the expansion.)

    As always, it’s feast or famine. And this summer? Nothing to eat but dust and tears.

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    When Casual Becomes Slack

    I’m still in a phase where I’m semi- burned out on gaming. I’m still enjoying my game card (thank you guys!!!), and have been doing Firelands dailies and levelling my shaman, who is within sniffing distance of 85. No raiding or even heroics, but still enjoying the game.

    I’ve logged into Rift a few times, but haven’t done much playing. Server population seems to be pretty low, and unless you play at peak times, there isn’t a lot of activity. Now that server transfers are live, I did consider transferring to the English RP server…but decided not to because the capital cities were dead at peak times. Perhaps it was a bad night, but still…I was surprised and saddened.

    The question is, after five plus years why is Warcraft still enjoyable for me (within my current VERY casual limits)? Why is Rift, which is a solid, fun game with developers who are breaking their asses to create new content, not enjoyable? I honestly don’t know. I’ve read a lot of blogs written by former Rift players who kind feel the same way. Great game, but meh.

    I’d hate to lose my love for gaming – being a gamer is a large part of who I am. I think I’m just very wary of timesinks right now, and very stressed over looking for work. Or perhaps I’m just burned out.

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    Lost in Azeroth

    Friday was my last day at work. Given the circumstances, I’d tried to keep it very low-key, and only told a few people…who told a few people, who told a few people. :) I had a very lovely Italian girls-only lunch, and then at the end of the day I was presented with a cards and flowers and a 60 day game card for Warcraft. (Everyone knows that I do a lot of gaming, but not that I’d cancelled my Warcraft sub.) Leaving was quite difficult, and I almost managed getting through all of the goodbyes and hugs before tearing up.

    Anyway, so today I used the gamecard to re-sub and have a look around to see how it felt after playing Rift exclusively for so long.

    It was lovely. I expected to think that the graphics looked terrible in comparison with Rift, but it was beautiful. I’d upgraded my graphics card since I last played, and with a high resolution and all graphics on max it was stunning. I’ve always liked the very stylised look of Warcraft; I think the game is only let down by some of the older racial models.

    There were a lot of differences, of course. I kept wishing that I could AOE-loot as you can in Rift, and I really miss having a mount right out of the gate. On the other hand, I love having starting areas that really make you connect with the race that you have chosen to play – Rift is greatly lacking in that area. I don’t feel any different as a Bahmi than I do as a Kelari. In Warcraft, however, if you start as a troll you damn well feel like a troll, mon. I miss rifts and other opportunities for easy grouping. Werewolf invasions in Gloamwood, for example, feel like epic battles – even if everything has slowed down to a slideshow due to the amount of lag. Ogrimmar is SO confusing! I found it confusing even before it was all changed, and now I spend ages running around trying to find things on the various levels.

    So Phil and I are going to do some casual playing on our baby Horde characters while the gamecard is still in effect, and see the new content that we haven’t had a chance to see yet. And I very much appreciate the chance to re-visit a place that I’ve spent so much time in over the years…thanks, guys. It was a great gift, and I’m really going to miss you all.

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    Sunday Blues

    Loved this line from Bio Break:

    “It was as if a million voices at once said ‘Meh.’”

    ~ poster on the RIFT forums

    Very funny, and very descriptive of the culmination of the River of Souls live event. Very very meh, and such a shame for Trion to have fumbled the end of the event so badly. I hope that they learn from this and continue to create them, as I think if all had gone well, it would have been enormous fun. And Trion? Fire whomever decided to do a free weekend on the same weekend as the end of the live event; that was an extremely bad decision.

    Otherwise, Ravven is still not 50. She is just short of dinging, as I didn’t play much on Sunday. Instead I got a whopping great case of the blues and spent the afternoon watching Firefly on the couch with a glass of vodka and Pepsi. Bad Ravven. I’m having a detox week this week.

    After Ravven is 50, I suppose I’ll start on my mage and level her…I just worry a bit about getting on that WoW treadmill where I get bored with dailies, and can’t face levelling another alt. But we will see.


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    Lazy Leveller

    Still hovering two levels underneath 50 on my cleric, where I have been for some time now. Sometimes I quest, sometimes I do warfronts or just ride around picking flowers…either way, she seems firmly stuck where she is and the XP bar doesn’t move an inch. I’m still enjoying it, and I don’t regret my six month subscription – but the desire to level is gone, and I’m in no rush to be “finished”.

    I think part of it has to do with people. Our guild is laid-back to the point of being antisocial, with very little guild chat. Sometimes it’s nice, as I’m wiped out from work and not very talkative myself, but sometimes it feels uncomfortable and on those nights I play something else. I am a bit disappointed with all of the people in the game who are trying to min-max all the pleasure out of just playing the spec you love, and I’m not looking forward to raiding – unless I can find the right group for it.

    So a bit meh, but still enjoying it. I think it’s one of the most solid games to come out in a long time. I’ll have to make a final decision once I make it over that huge hump to 50, and have a chance to see end-game.

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    The Endless Court Invasion, Part 1

    Jeez louise, was it laggy last night in Meridian or what? Once outside it was much better, but in the city it was virtually unplayable.

    I love the idea of these events, but last night I felt quite meh and blue. Everyone in the guild were doing separate things, and although I was trying to rift in Iron Peaks, I could rarely get into an open group because everyone had private groups. Not much fun playing alone, not very productive, and eventually I logged off.

    Here’s looking at a better night tonight. :)

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    River of Souls

    Really looking forward to the new content and the live events starting tonight. And Alsbeth is pretty hot, even if she is a bitch.

    PS: Why can’t I get any armor like that in game?

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    Postcards from a Weekend

    Some screenshots from the weekend. Ravven finally got her mechanical horse (leaving her with about 7 platinum because I have a total inability to make any money in games). I’ve spent a lot of time simply exploring, which is something that I love to do in games…if the area is much too high for me, I love it all the more.


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    You’re ruining my game. Yes, you.

    I’ve seen a few threads on the Rift Cleric forums which have made me simultaneously astonished and angry. The basic sentiment is:

    “No one wants a DPS Cleric – heal or re-roll rogue!”

    Am I the only one that was thrilled with the flexibility and freedom that the class and soul system offers? I totally loved the fact that most classes (with the possible exception of Warrior) were hybrid classes. I levelled most of the way on my Cleric with a pure Sentinel/Purifier healing build…and killed things just fine, thank you. Did very well in Rifts, too. I probably wouldn’t have raided with that spec as DPS, but I loved the fact that I could roll a Cleric and have the choice of tanking, healing, melee DPS, and ranged/spellcasting DPS. Thank you Trion for giving us this flexibility.

    As always, it is the people who fuck it up.

    I just had a conversation with Phil (who does rock a melee Cleric build), and he said that friends and guildmates are having trouble finding groups if they play hybrids. “Tanks should be warriors. Clerics should heal. Mages and Rogues are DPS only.” It’s that old-school Wow elitist min-maxing bullshit that really pisses me off. We be free of all that, mon. Don’t have to nanoo for a while! (Fifty points to whoever can get that reference.)

    Don’t ruin my game. Give us some time before the Gearscore/Recount jerks take over the game…let us all just enjoy it for a bit and play what makes us happy.