rift planes of telara

Lost in Azeroth

Friday was my last day at work. Given the circumstances, I’d tried to keep it very low-key, and only told a few people…who told a few people, who told a few people. :) I had a very lovely Italian girls-only lunch, and then at the end of the day I was presented with a cards

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Sunday Blues

Loved this line from Bio Break: “It was as if a million voices at once said ‘Meh.’” ~ poster on the RIFT forums Very funny, and very descriptive of the culmination of the River of Souls live event. Very very meh, and such a shame for Trion to have fumbled the end of the event

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Lazy Leveller

Still hovering two levels underneath 50 on my cleric, where I have been for some time now. Sometimes I quest, sometimes I do warfronts or just ride around picking flowers…either way, she seems firmly stuck where she is and the XP bar doesn’t move an inch. I’m still enjoying it, and I don’t regret my

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