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    Trion Fail

    Well, evidently Trion fixed their UK issues…by disabling the latency meters so that latency shows a cozy, playably low number…too bad you can’t attack anything, talk to NPCs, etc. Awesome job. *sarcastic applause*

    What is worse, the fix that we had come up with last night no longer works, so they’ve fucked that up as well. Friday night and unable to play. Trying to stave off nerdrage…failing…thinking about playing WoW or watching TV…must…succumb…to the rage.


    EDIT: Evidently it’s an issue where you can play (laggy, but play) as long as there are no other players around you – according to the forums, and it seems to be correct. Now, if all these other guys would just log off…

    And the next morning:

    They appeared to have fixed it! I’m assuming that they actually worked with BT to fix it, as the only thing that BT might have agreed to is to exempt Rift from whatever their deep packet inspection decides to block. But anyway, hurrah!!! So I went and posted thanks and compliments on all of the threads that I’d complained on. :D

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    no longer jonesing

    …as I was able to get my gaming fix last night. :) Nerdrant /ragequit moment over. Blocking the 6000-range ports to force it to move to port 80 (via the Trend Micro firewall) did work. Just in time, too, as they supposedly patched it this morning. lol. Ah well – hopefully it will be fixed tonight for everyone. There were suggestions on the forums that this issue was due to their in-game Twitter integration – I really hope that was not the case. as it would be incredibly ill-considered to get so much bad press during the final Open Beta period because you want your players to more easily boost your company profile via social media.

    I’m having trouble deciding on what main class or role I want to play. I’d decided totally on Cleric, but every man and his dog are playing one. I do think they’re the most survivable, fun and flexible role in the game. Always a hunter fan, though, I did fall in love with my Ranger/MM. They do a lot of damage and they still have some good survivability, even though I do keep wanting to hit the “feign death” key. :D Last night I started an Elementalist/Pyromancer (Elementalist mainly just for the pet) and she was a blast…so I’m very conflicted.

    We’re still going back and forth about what to do about a guild. I’d signed up on the forums of one which sounded good, but they’re both very large, and have a large US contingent which makes it difficult to schedule guild activities. On the last beta they held a guild rift run and naked fountain-dancing silliness evening, which sounded great but it ended at 3:00 am UK time – too late for me. Should we start a guild? It’s a lot of scheduling, peacemaking and trouble. Advertise as a group for a guild? Possibly. The type-A player in me wants that decision made prior to launch, it eats at me. I know that’s silly, but I can’t help stressing about these things. The people that you play with are essential to the game experience, at least for me.

    So glad to be playing something that I enjoy once more…being burned out on pretty much everything that I used to play made me a sad gamer.

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    Bad Trion, Very Bad

    Still no resolution from Trion on the port range issue, and no sign of them backing down and just reversing the stupid decision to use this range. I suppose that, as an American company, they share the insularity with the rest of the US that everyone outside the States doesn’t really matter. I mean, we know people exist outside the US, in a very vague, theoretical way…kind of like you know there are native tribesmen out there because you saw them on the Discovery Channel once. But you wouldn’t take them into consideration when making business decisions.

    Although this specific issue is a Trion screwup, we have been dissatisfied with BT off and on for quite a while. The traffic shaping/port throttling issues are infuriating. I mean, to be completely honest we do do some downloading, and it irks to not be able to do it during the nights or weekends. And there is the issue of game patching quite often being seen as P2P activity (this has affected our ability to patch Warcraft over the years). So, I’m open to switching ISPs, but the week to two weeks that it would take is impossible. Phil freelances from home, for one thing, and I do web work. There is also the issue of being cut off from all gaming for a long period of time…hell, I start jonesing during visits home to my family, let alone when I am sitting at home with nothing to do! Seriously, how long does it take them to flip a switch and cancel your account?

    Fie on you. Pah and fie. A pox on your house, etc., etc.



    We’ve got a possible work-around that we’re going to try tonight. Since they are redirecting anyone who is blocked on the 6000 range ports to Port 80, which doesn’t fix the BT problem (you’re not blocked, it’s just throttled down to nothing)…theoretically if we blcok those ports ourselves on the software firewall, then it should go ahead and try Port 80, allowing us to play. Not sure if that will help anyone else stuck between Rift and a BT place, but I thought it was worth putting out there.

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    Tsk, tsk, Trion…

    Trion still haven’t reversed the port change that blocked out a lot of people in the UK, the EU, and at universities…and now they just took the forums down for “maintenance”. Tch, why is it so hard to just communicate with your customers? People tend to be relatively nice if you just talk to them.

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    Rift: Darkening Deeps

    Our little group tried a run through Darkening Deeps last night, just for squeaks and giggles. Again, we were only four, and one was probably too low for the instance so we didn’t finish the full run. But it was a nicely-designed instance, not too taxing aside from the somewhat tricky line-of-sight fight on the spider boss (the one where we called it a night, since we obviously needed a full group). And it was quite visually interesting, for a place filled with goblins and spiders – not to mention a Suppression Room -type of run along a long, windy walkway where you need to run out of the concentric circles of blast/fire.

    The Michael Bringhurst fight against a werewolf was a lot of fun and we actually wiped on that one, too until we figured out the fight. You need to keep him out of the moonlight in the centre of the cavern to avoid him doing massive damage to the group, and there is an absolutely infuriating fear mechanic. Again, quite well done for a low-level dungeon, tricky in places for newbies, and great fun.

    I am trying to enjoy this and not read a lot of guides and min-max spec and rotation breakdowns. The main character that I’m playing, which is a Sentinel/Purifier/Warden, is perhaps not the “best” healing spec out there. But who cares? She is a very capable soloer with a lot of survivability, very little down time, and in groups she is a very good (although slow) single-target healer. There is one AOE heal for emergencies only since it is a huuuuge mana drain. She’s fun, and I think I’ve found my main class for launch.

    Enjoy the journey…there is a lot to see along the way. :)

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    Rift Beta 5 Impressions

    Rift is just so damned much fun. So much fun that I’ve neglected many of the things that I’d planned on doing during my “holiday”. The Rift team has actually extended this beta phase by one day, since both they and the beta players were having so much fun. I love this game. :)

    We’re playing Guardian, since we plan to play Defiant upon launch. So far, even though you do have a lot of the standard MMO quest-stereotypes (go kill me 10 of xxx), it still has that indefinable sense of fun that has been so lucrative and successful for Warcraft. I don’t want to jinx things by saying that, since we’ve all seen much-anticipated MMOs come and go (and everyone eventually go back to Warcraft), but I have high hopes for this one.

    We finally got all of our little group to a level where we could do the first instance, Realm of the Fae – and we all had a great time. What a wonderful instance! Not too much trash, reasonably simple bosses with a few “don’t stand in the fire” mechanisms. Over all, a wonderful first starter instance. It’s quite pretty, too – you travel through the seasons, from spring to summer to fall and into winter, and this is where we all had our “Oh my god, I love this!” moments. Winter is bleak, and you are in a blizzard. Blind in a blizzard, with silhouettes of mobs appearing in front of you. You can practically feel the bite of the icy wind as it blows ice into your face. Wonderfully done.

    And a few screenshots – I still haven’t found an in-game way of taking screenshots, as I am resorting to Fraps.

    I love this game. <3