rift beta

Trion Fail

Well, evidently Trion fixed their UK issues…by disabling the latency meters so that latency shows a cozy, playably low number…too bad you can’t attack anything, talk to NPCs, etc. Awesome job. *sarcastic applause* What is worse, the fix that we had come up with last night no longer works, so they’ve fucked that up as […]

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no longer jonesing

…as I was able to get my gaming fix last night. :) Nerdrant /ragequit moment over. Blocking the 6000-range ports to force it to move to port 80 (via the Trend Micro firewall) did work. Just in time, too, as they supposedly patched it this morning. lol. Ah well – hopefully it will be fixed

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Bad Trion, Very Bad

Still no resolution from Trion on the port range issue, and no sign of them backing down and just reversing the stupid decision to use this range. I suppose that, as an American company, they share the insularity with the rest of the US that everyone outside the States doesn’t really matter. I mean, we

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Tsk, tsk, Trion…

Trion still haven’t reversed the port change that blocked out a lot of people in the UK, the EU, and at universities…and now they just took the forums down for “maintenance”. Tch, why is it so hard to just communicate with your customers? People tend to be relatively nice if you just talk to them.

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