Griefing in Aion

Disappointingly, the real life friends who were looking forward to Aion are now quite lukewarm about actually playing, due to an initial misunderstanding about how integral PvP actually was to the game. All the people I was planning on levelling with are now saying that they’re not going to subscribe. Their main focus has been […]

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EVE, and PVP

Julie Whitefeather of VirginWorlds had two posts recently regarding EVE Online which I quite liked: Consenting Adults and other Eve Online Pvp Myths and In space no one can hear you yawn I think I hated EVE pvp for the same reason that I never level on pvp-only servers in Warcraft: unequal pvp and an

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Pvp in Warhammer

I play Warhammer quite differently than I do Warcraft. For one thing, I group with people easily. Remember, I’m so antisocial that I will say “sorry, logging soon” if invited to a spur of the moment group in Wow, and will actually log out. I know that’s very sad. In Warhammer, it’s easy, casual, and

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