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    Epic Pug Fail

    Hahaha, just got a message from a friend playing Aion at home. He’s been trying to get a Black Claw Village pug for his Chanter alt for ages, but every group falls apart.

    wow, I think I reached a new level of epic fail…

    started with 6, including a lvl 25 templar to suck all the xp out of it… russian, barely spoke english. a 23 glad who couldn’t stay connected. A healer that couldn’t heal and didn’t know how to change channels which took FOREVER to get him to do. A spiritmaster who decided he had to go after 15 mins… so we’re down to 4, then the healer keeps screaming ‘MUMUSSS!!!!!!!! I need MUMUS!!!!!!!!!!’ then the tank says after 20 mins, ‘ok, have to go now, sleep time’.


    Just had to share.  :D