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    My Bad

    This is the one in which I totally fail to heal Halls of Reflection. I really, really need some better gear. We made it past the first bit, the line of sight fight. It was the gauntlet area, with Arthas striding along behind, that did us in. I just couldn’t heal it fast enough, and at the very end I was totally OOM each time. Granted, we were trying to four-man it, so DPS was probably low. But still…I felt so bad for everyone (and their repair bills!).

    Most of my upgrades, unless I start raiding, are here, more’s the pity. Hmmph…must have a think.

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    Brand New Healadin

    I had an inordinate amount of fun this weekend in Warcraft. I’d been on a WoW break for some time, due to work pressure and general meh-ness. I played some Red Dead Redemption, and levelled a Priest/Knight to 21/20 in Runes of Magic, but otherwise I hadn’t done a lot of gaming.

    I heard that a good friend (Hi, Raz!) had come back to Warcraft, so I transferred my new-80 Paladin back to my original home server and set about gearing her up for ” friends” runs and 10 mans. Raz, Kaz and Miz were kind enough to let me experiment with healing for the first time on several runs, which astonished me with how easy and smooth it was to do. And then we realised that the instances had been set to normal, so we went back and did them again on heroic. lol…

    It was fun. It was different, which is what I really need, and it was genuinely fun. I let people die several times when things got manic (sorry Kaz and the little pug mage!) but overall it was great. I was in greens, and had virtually no mana to speak of, so it was slow. I know I was probably overhealing, which didn’t help the mana issue. But I did enjoy it, very much.

    And afterwards, I was kitted out in crafted purplez and blues through the immense generosity of friends. Thank you all for the time and effort and all of the titansteel and other mats…I promise to grind until I pay you back!

    A good weekend, overall. It’s nice to rediscover a love for the game.