Day Two

Sidetracked today. I got up early, did just under 2k, and then went to do end-of-season gardening for Phil’s grandparents. They have a big garden. Big. I am sooo tired right now. On a side note, nettles are evil and need to die by fire. His grandparents are lovely, though, so it’s all worth it. […]

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And We’re Off!

Big sigh of relief. I woke at 5:45 am this morning, went downstairs, fed the cats (which were all sitting around their dishes pointing their paws at their mouths like Simon’s Cat) and made breakfast. I normally don’t have anything other than cereal and coffee in the mornings, as proper food makes me feel ill,

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Panic Time

Firstly, I have to say that I have been jonesing like hell for gaming, and I haven’t done anything since my Warcraft account was cancelled. When you spend a portion of every evening and weekend doing something, the loss of that something leaves a gap. Even if (since I went casual and haven’t raided in

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Visualising a World

I’ve been trying to prepare for November, and starting the book, by reading, by looking at art and collecting images for reference photos, and by watching movies. It’s a way of passing time until next next week. :) Another form of preparation has been to cancel my Warcraft account, so that I am not tempted

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Using Scrivener

I have approximately two-thirds of the planning for my NaNoWriMo project done in Scrivener, which I will use for the actual writing. I have all major character and place sketches, complete with tons of images, my chapters set up, and notes for each scene within most of the chapters. This will form my outline. The

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I hate myself

After setting up Scrivener last night and starting with character sketches and initial research, I obviously had a lot of ideas floating around in my head when I went to bed. I slept restlessly, and kept waking to think about the book. It was quite productive – I solidified several characters, came up with solutions

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I’ve almost decided to do National Novel Writing Month. I’ve always had ideas for books running around in my head for years, and never did anything with them. I’ve always thought that NaNoWriMo would be a great way to kick my ass into gear and force myself to finally do it…but I’ve always had the

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