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    The Tiniest Superhero

    …my early birthday present. :D Thanks, babe. He’s a persian mix, very teensie, and we all fall over when he uses his superhero power on us. Teh cuteness! Who can resist?

    Unfortunately, Phil’s cat can. He’s an old cat, very set in his ways, and he’s not happy about his house being invaded by a baby. I’m at work today worried about the two of them being there alone in the house together. :(

    The kitten will either be Chaos (good name for a superhero), or Laurence (so we can shorten it to Lol and have a lolcat). He sleeps on a pillow on my desk while I’m playing, and when he plays he gets overexcited and races around the room, squeaking as he goes, like some like of manic black spider, up and down the furniture. Totally adorable.