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    the one where I fail at Klingon

    Hmmph. I started some missions on my newly-created Klingon, Kitsunetsuki, and was promptly slaughtered. Several times. Is it my imagination, or are the starting ships and equipment on Klingon side totally gimped?

    Maybe I just fail.

    Anyway, I have logged off in a snit. :D

    On the other side, there was a very cool planet mission, on a planet with constant dust-storms. Visibility was almost nil, and there was a great feeling of nervousness…I felt as though I was going to fall off a cliff, or get attacked by something bad-tempered, at any moment. Great stuff.

    Oh, and Raz? You TOTALLY need to stick with EVE for a bit. I’ve always thought that you would really like it. It’s worth sticking with during the learning curve.