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    Kitsune Rides Again

    As I wrote in an earlier post, although I honestly have a lot of fun in Star Trek, it’s mainly been making me homesick for EVE. I freely admit that there won’t be any nice missions – it’s not really that kind of game. And yes, there will be a lot of reading while I travel from gate to gate. But there’s a lot that I haven’t seen, and am giving it another shot.

    In part, I admit, because I really want to continue Kitsune & Kawaii, as that was just getting started and I had several more episodes half-done. I want to continue her adventures, and see who she turns into.

    So, into the black again…hopefully as not such a terrible noob this time. :)

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    Star Trek Online Headstart, and Kitsune Flies Again

    I haven’t been logging in at all on the STO beta. I very much did not want to repeat my Aion mistake, which was to play so much beta (and re-start so many characters) that I was bored by the time actual launch rolled around. I’m very much looking forward to heardstart, however – in part because I’m thinking about carrying Kitsune‘s adventures forward into this “universe”.  I’m not sure how well she’ll translate, however.

    Obviously, Kit was born of my experiences playing EVE Online. The two unfinished episodes that I have waiting for me to come back to are concerned with very EVE themes: resurrecting as a clone after being podkilled (Welcome to Your New Life) and one of the standard missions that you get over and over again, which are the birthday present/doll ones (The Birthday Doll). Her nemesis, Shan V’Zhou, is the agent that sends Kit on this mission and the doll arrives…well, let’s just say it’s modified in a manner that the original maker never intended.

    Since there are both avatars and interiors in STO, it would be quite easy to use screenshots as the base for the artwork, and the strips would be a lot faster to do – given my slowness at actually drawing, I’d prefer to do storylines using screenshot art. But I would have to change her backstory quite a bit if I move her to a universe with a very limiting IP, so it poses problems.

    So tempting, though, to keep following Kitsune and her kawaii to see where they go. Hmmmn, must think.

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    Kitsune No.1: The Kawaii


    This is an experiment. This first episode contains a lot of stuff that isn’t mine…concept art from EVE, and a few bits and pieces from the net. I haven’t drawn anything in ages, and was unhappy with the totally hand drawn version. As I get more confident, I’ll draw more and more of it. I’ll redo this panel at that time, when I can do it properly.

    The fingers forget what they used to know…or perhaps I’ve just forgotten that I never could draw very well.  :D