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    Handmade Christmas

    Since we don’t have a lot of disposable cash this Christmas, I’ve been trying to think of more “creative” ways to approach gift giving. One of the things that I’ve been playing with are handmade journals for writing, art, scrapbooking, etc.

    Originally I’d thought of doing these to sell, but after doing the first one it was completely obvious that the time and expense involved in creating them would mean that it would be impossible to price them anywhere near what someone might actually pay – which I would imagine is a problem with most handmade crafts. So, the completed ones became gifts. The images below are a steampunk-themed journal, and I have one for my daughter which is mermaid-themed. My neice and nephew on this side of the pond are going to get Harry Potter-esque spellbooks.

    I purchased art sketchbooks with good heavy paper, took them apart, stained all the pages wither either coffee or tea (tea is lighter and smells nicer, coffee is darker and has an odd smell). After they were completely dry and flattened out again, I printed each page with either borders or artwork, and gilded the edges with gold paint. Marbled paper is glued to the inside cover, and then it is all laced up with black cord or velvet ribbon (the velvet doesn’t work as well, as opening and closing the books becomes a bit fiddly). Glue the main artwork on the covers, decorate as needed. I’d taken apart a lot of old costume jewellery for the velvet bookmarks and cover decorations.

    The mermaid book that I made for my daughter has a painted clay seaweed frame on the cover, but that is relatively fragile and I also discovered that I have no talent at all for sculpture. *sad face*

    And there you have it! I’ll have to post pictures of the spellbooks after I get them done, as those should be a lot of fun.