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    Griefing in Aion

    Disappointingly, the real life friends who were looking forward to Aion are now quite lukewarm about actually playing, due to an initial misunderstanding about how integral PvP actually was to the game. All the people I was planning on levelling with are now saying that they’re not going to subscribe. Their main focus has been raiding in Warcraft, and the lack of substantial PvE group content isn’t very attractive to them.

    Well, that sucks.  :(

    On the other hand, I’ve also been reading a lot of discussion about pvp in Aion, and I confess to being a wee bit nervous about it. Not about PvP itself (or PvPvE) – done well, that is the seasoning that every game needs. It’s the griefing aspect that makes me nervous.

    I’ve experienced killstealing already by sorcerors, since they can wait for me to start “tanking” for them on my Templar and then swoop in at the end and do a lot more damage than I can manage. (Whoever does the most damage to the mob has loot rights, and gets the xp.)

    I’ve never wanted to level on PvP servers in Warcraft, although I know people who do enjoy the challenge. I’ve never seen the attraction in killing lower-level players, though, and don’t consider it to be real PvP…and if it makes it impossible for someone else to actually play the game, it’s griefing. There’s a certain personality type that wants to level purely so that they can return to lowbie areas and ruin someone else’s game…and I don’t respect that type of player.

    There was a long thread on this subject that I read recently, probably on Aion Source (I’m at work right now and won’t be browsing game sites). There were the predictable “QQ moar” and “L2P” comments, and several people who said that they would be griefing other players because it was allowed in game, and so they were playing the game as the developers intended.

    There’s a flaw in that logic. It’s a bit like real life – just because you can do something doesn’t mean that you’re actually intended to do it. Theoretically you could commit any amount of crimes, especially if there is no penalty for doing so…but don’t expect me to invite you over for drinks and dinner.  :D

    So, I will wait and see…my Templar hasn’t experienced the rift yet, so I can’t yet comment on Aion PvP. But I truly do hope that there is some mechanism in place to combat the worst examples of griefing. Turn them into chickens, or something equally demeaning.

    But please, please, don’t allow the entire game to be a massive Stranglethorn Vale.