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    Forsaken World in Five Minutes

    1. Dwarves are adorable.


    2. Anything else has such massive boobs that I simple cannot bear to look at the poor thing.



    3. Why, oh why, do Asian games not allow movement systems for Western players? I detest click-to-move. Using the WASD keys is doable, but I prefer to keep my left hand for combat actions and turn with the mouse. There’s no option for people like me.

    4. Pah.

    EDIT: Phil (who will tolerate poor games much longer than I will for the sake of enormous boobs) informs me that there is an auto-run. I’d seen it in the keybindings, but it was called “auto-pathing” and I’d thought it was referring to the auto-path to an NPC function. You can steer a bit with the right mouse button, but overall it’s not as intuitive as turning with a mouse.

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    Three More Hours

    …until I build my disturbingly Lolita-esque marksman. :) See you in Forsaken World!

    EDIT: Well, Phhhft! Along with about five million other people, I had received one of the beta confirmations that didn’t mean that you were actually in Closed Beta. Well, I’ll still have a look when open beta ever arrives…but really, communication is alway nice! It always amazes me when companies make these fundamental community management mistakes – simple things really that could have been avoided, bad feeling and nerdrage on the forums that could have been stilled just by talking to the players. I didn’t see any posts by anyone official until this morning, after hours of raging about the “broken login system”.

    I could really kick ass as a community manager. :)