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    FFXIV Boo Hiss

    I won’t post what everyone else in the beta has already posted. I’ll just say…Meh.

    Oh, it’s very pretty. The intro sequences are gorgeous. And then it all falls apart.

    1. No quest givers? You mean I have to run around the city talking to literally everyone to find quests?
    2. I finally got quests. Supposedly they are easy to find on my map – she says she marked it on my map. Err…not that I can see. I have two places on my map, neither of which are the place I’m supposed to go.
    3. Let’s wander around. It’s supposed to be just outside the city. I’m a reasonably competent adventurer, surely I can find it. Lots of gullys.
    4. I can’t jump off small ledges. Neither can I jump up. The only way off the tiny hill that I’m on is way way back the way I came.
    5. The heck with it.

    I watched P., an experienced gamer, die to some beginning-level fluffy mob because combat is so difficult to figure out. Or maybe it was an elite fluffy animal, no way to tell the difference. Anyway, it took him five minutes to figure out how to res. (Here’s a hint – buried in your menus is an option called “Return”. This is a revive.)

    It’s really disappointing…the UI and combat are just shockingly bad, and as much as I would love to play for a while just for the sheer loveliness of it, the non-responsiveness of the combat and the difficulty that you have in doing every single thing makes it gamebreaking for me.

    I cancelled my pre-order. :(