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    Holiday Spirit for the Rest of Us

    Well, it’s time for a repost of my favourite Christmas song of all time. I know it seems odd to some, but I love it for more than it being just a really emotional, powerful song – I love a viewpoint of the holiday that doesn’t show perfect white-picket-fence families. Christmas is for the rest of us as well, in our unconventional, messy and occasionally solitary lives. Real love isn’t a Valentine’s Day card.

    I actually feel ok so far this Christmas. The prospect of actually finally being able to get out and turn our lives around has given me so much hope. I may even decorate for Christmas this year. :) (I was too depressed to get the tree out last year, and then that just made me feel worse.) I want to dress the house with every bit of Christmas tat that we own, and then before the year is over I want to do a complete cleansing of the house, both physical and spiritual. I want to exorcise every memory of the past two years, and start fresh. I want to be ready. I want to let all the depression and bad feeling just fall away behind me.

    I want to be new again.