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    Warcraft Faction Change


    After not logging in to Warcraft for simply ages, I logged in on a bank alt, checked how many people from the guild were on, saw that there were approximately 5,000 people online who hadn’t seen me in ages, and chickened out.  :D  I got a wild hair and decided to do a faction change on my baby paladin to a belf. (I’ll make my grand entrance on my main early in the morning sometime.)

    Ah….sweetie?  That £15 charge on the account?  That’s what that was. *hides*

    I’ve been a bit burned out in Aion. I was 34 all of this week, and then this morning I finally ground the last 1/3 level to 35. It was hard. Now, I don’t mind hard, but it was also boring. And that is another thing entirely. So, I decided to take a break for a bit, and logged back into Warcraft.

    The thing that I didn’t expect about faction change, but should have?  All my quests, of course, have disappeared. (Obviously.)  Where do level 56 Horde pallies get all their quests?  I haven’t the slightest idea.  lol…

    Her feet are bare. Do blood elves have bare feet?  I don’t remember that. I know my troll always did, of course – but I seem to remember proper boots on my low-level belfs. Maybe it’s just the ones that I’m wearing. Maybe it’s because she had bare feet, I mean hooves, as a Draenei. But she looks like a poor orphan chile.

    My map is blank. This is sort of a pain, and sort of cool because discovery is one of the things that I love about exploration in MMOs – it’s rather like those maps of the States that you used to get at the library as a kid, and you got to fill the States in with stickers by checking out books, or doing reports, or something.

    I did some Halloween quests, flew to Winterspring, and logged off…happy that I was now a skanky, stick insect blood elf rather than a blue space goat.  :D

    Oh, yes – Happy Halloween to you all. We’re the house with all the lights off in the front room, hiding from trick-or-treaters. Hey, in our neighborhood all we get are vaguely threatening, spotty teens in hoodies, anyway.