EVE Online

Flying Chicken

I haven’t quite learned the trick of making ISK in EVE. Obviously you can, since things cost millions and millions of ISK, but I’ve worked hard over the past few days to make 7-8 million. Mining is one way, of course, but it bores me to tears (this from a person who quite enjoys fishing […]

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Eeek! Back in EVE

I’m playing hopscotch with my game subscriptions. Today, since I’d cancelled Warhammer, I resubbed to EVE Online. Aaaagh! I’m hopelessly lost. Let’s recap MMO learning curves, shall we? That pile of broken bodies at the bottom of the EVE learning curve?  That’s going to be me.  :D  That said, it’s not going to be boring,

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i hav teh dumb

My WOW guild is still struggling in Sunwell Plateau, with a lot of silly mistakes not suited to a guild at this level. Bah.  Fie on idiots. In EVE, I’ve been mainly doing a lot of training, in preparation for being able to do missions without pulling in friends to help. Yep, I’m paying a

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Thoughts on EVE

I’ve decided that I’ll probably pay for an EVE subscription once my free trial is up. I’ve enjoyed it much more than I thought I would, although I’m still getting used to the open, design-your-own-game environment (in comparison with Warcraft, which does an excellent job of leading you through a linear levelling progression). Missions are

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