EVE Online


While I was catching up on blogs that I read in those last burned-out fifteen minutes of a long day, I read a very nice interview with Mynxee of Life in Low Sec: GamePlay and Women in EVE. There is a lot of talk today that the gaming industry need more women. What improvements are

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A Hellcat Speaks

One of the coolest people I have had a chance to meet online is Mynxee of the totally hot all-female pirate corp in EVE, Hellcats. Via Massively, a podcast where she discusses piracy and pvp. Give it a listen, it’s a really entertaining podcast, and Mynxee will offer a perspective on the game that might

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EVE, and PVP

Julie Whitefeather of VirginWorlds had two posts recently regarding EVE Online which I quite liked: Consenting Adults and other Eve Online Pvp Myths and In space no one can hear you yawn I think I hated EVE pvp for the same reason that I never level on pvp-only servers in Warcraft: unequal pvp and an

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I’ve been trying to decide if I want to keep my EVE subscription active – I haven’t been having much enjoyment in the game, and due to the exchange rate it’s a lot more expensive now than it used to be, much more expensive than any other subscription I have. Part of the problem is

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