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    Secret World Temptations

    Hmmn….this is tempting.  If I re-sub to Age of Conan, there is a promotion running that offers:

    • 3-month sub: Beta access to The Secret World
    • 6-month sub: Beta access + in-game helmet that boosts experience gain by 10%
    • 12-month sub: Beta access + helmet + a free copy of Conan expansion Rise of the Godslayer

    I would really, really like to be able to play in the beta of The Secret World.  But I’ve been thinking about resubbing to EVE, as well. What is a (poor) girl to do?  I’d play Dragon Age if I could wrest the game from P’s hands, but I would probably have to kill him and stick him underneath the floorboards in order to be able to have a turn.

    Decisions, decisions…murder, going back to my Tempest of Set, or venturing back into New Eden.  Hmmmnnn….


    Oh, my –  look what I just found in my spam folder:

    Your level 41 , Dravven, awaits your return to Age of Conan!

    Now you can play Age of Conan again for 14 days completely FREE of charge! This offer does not require any purchase as long as you act before November 27th, 2009. There are also some amazing rewards available to you if you purchase game time now!

    I frickin’ love two-weeks-of-free-play offers.


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    While I was catching up on blogs that I read in those last burned-out fifteen minutes of a long day, I read a very nice interview with Mynxee of Life in Low Sec: GamePlay and Women in EVE.

    There is a lot of talk today that the gaming industry need more women. What improvements are needed to make games more attractive to women? Or are such improvements needed at all?
    To be honest, the kind of game that might appeal to the majority of women out there who aren’t already gamers would not likely appeal to me. So personally, I don’t really think much change is necessary, unless the game companies simply want to exploit a market that isn’t being addressed and could produce more revenues. But that is not my concern. I have not had any trouble with finding fun games to play…or people–including women–to play them with.

    Nicely put. I have an issue with games that are supposed to be attractive to females, because I think there is a (perhaps valid, I don’t know) perception that these customers are casual gamers. Because if they are already gamers? They’re playing the same games that men are. They are pirates in EVE Online, or raiders in Warcraft, or they play FPS games. I do play more MMOs than single player games, and I almost never play casual games, but in all sincerity I’ve never played a game that I thought wasn’t well-designed for women. I have never thought of myself as a female gamer, I think of myself as a gamer, and that is it. Age of Conan is probably the most male-oriented MMO that I’ve played (just due to the lore of the IP itself) but I didn’t feel slighted or shut out as a female player. I was able to make a strong female character, and that’s all that mattered – the fact that the initial quest involved saving a half-naked, bound woman didn’t bother me. My character rescued her and went on to kick a lot of ass, which was pretty much all I wanted to do in that game.

    I think if you try to pigeonhole people, you make shallow games. I’m definitely a girly-girl, but I feel quite at home striding through a post-apocalyptic setting, covered in tattoos and toting a BFG. I don’t need a pink interface, or sparkles, or fairies. I don’t need a casual game that I can pop on to play while the waiting for the laundry to be done. I want games that make me think, where I can kick butt with my friends, and as long as I CAN create a female character, that’s pretty much all I need.

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    HTFU: Awesomeness

    This may be one of the coolest things I’ve seen in ages, or maybe ever. CCP (EVE Online) staff rap video. How good is that? Sveinn Kjarval, EVE’s lead game master, EVE’s marketing director, and more. NSFW due to normal rap lyrics.

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    A Hellcat Speaks

    One of the coolest people I have had a chance to meet online is Mynxee of the totally hot all-female pirate corp in EVE, Hellcats. Via Massively, a podcast where she discusses piracy and pvp. Give it a listen, it’s a really entertaining podcast, and Mynxee will offer a perspective on the game that might surprise you.  :)

    Mynxee has a really well-written blog as well – if you haven’t read Life in Low Sec, you should do so.

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    EVE, and PVP

    Julie Whitefeather of VirginWorlds had two posts recently regarding EVE Online which I quite liked:

    Consenting Adults and other Eve Online Pvp Myths


    In space no one can hear you yawn

    I think I hated EVE pvp for the same reason that I never level on pvp-only servers in Warcraft: unequal pvp and an environment where the strong can make it impossible for the weak to play. I prefer a middle ground, where I can make a choice: tonight I feel like pvp, or tonight I just want to dink around and not get pissed off.

    Because I do, I admit. I get pissed off when ganked by someone with eleventy-gazillion skillpoints and fuckoff great ships. It’s not fun. I can handle a severe death penality in a game like EVE – as long as I have a hope of choosing my fights. No one likes being the scrawny little kid sitting crying in the dirt, with blood and snot running down his face while a circle of big fat bullies laugh at him.

    “As exciting as a steep death penalty can make pvp, Eve Online is a game where victory is determined by who can bring a gun to a knife fight, who has the most “soldiers” or who has the most time invested in training – none of which is fun over a long time when you are constantly on the receiving end. No one likes to have their character die all the time. This is where the other edge of that double edged sword comes in to play.”

    Nicely put.  And yet…EVE is a gorgeous game. I want to like it, and I want to play. I just want to have fun at least most of the time, and not log off all pissed off because I lost another ship and now need to mine for a while in order to buy another one.

    And I know, deep inside, I’m never going to be hardcore enough.

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    Long, Lazy Weekend

    …which are definitely the best kind.  :)  I spent my time:

    1. Eating lamb. Before I moved to the UK, I never realised how good lamb was. As much as I love spring here, with everything so green, the lanes lined with daffodils for miles, and all the fields filled with fluffy new lambs…I simply cannot look at a lamb without thinking “mmn, that’s a fat juicy lamb”.  I never look at chickens and think “mmn, that bird looks like good eatin”. It’s only lambs.  :)

    vanyel22. Finding a happy medium home in EVE, close enough to Evati to be only a few jumps away in case of action, and in high-enough security space so that I can do some moneymaking without losing a ship. It’s tough to find the right place, with agents who are willing to talk to me, reprocessing plants, etc. I must have flown around for ages, and that was even with the help of EVE Agent Finder.

    3. Playing too much Runes of Magic. I created a mage named Vanyel, who looks very much like the character from Mercedes Lackey’s trilogy. I don’t like her much as a person, but Vanyel I have loved more than I’ve cared for most of the real people in my life. It’s sad to have been in love with a fictional character for most of your life. And yes, he was a whiny adolescent for much of the first book, but so was I when I first read it.  :)

    Anyway, I now have a very pretty boy with long black hair who is quite foppish in the way that he dresses. He’s my own personal Vanyel. :)  I took Rogue as a secondary class, which should make for a pretty effective DPS character.

    Oops, it’s time to go laze around a bit more…duty calls. Hope you all are having a wonderful weekend.

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    I’ve been trying to decide if I want to keep my EVE subscription active – I haven’t been having much enjoyment in the game, and due to the exchange rate it’s a lot more expensive now than it used to be, much more expensive than any other subscription I have.

    Part of the problem is just that I’m not very good at it, and that’s something that I’m not used to. Scanning, for instance, is a major headache and no one can explain just where I’m going wrong. I can find something on the directional scanner, and understand about narrowing the band as I align to the various planetary bodies in the area to try to pinpoint it. As soon as I have it narrowed, though, when I warp to the object that is in that area, I lose it, and have to start all over. Never once have I been able to get close enough that the object actually shows in my overview, rather than just on the scanner. It’s quite frustrating.

    Then, take that frustration and add in the amount of times I’ve lost ships while out practicing. There are a lot of people out there who quite enjoy podding people in noob ships. I just can’t see the fun in one-shotting a much weaker ship…but then, I’ve never been a graveyard camper, or someone who rolls on pvp servers so they can hang out in the starting areas and kill new players.

    I’m beginning to think that I’m not suited to this at all…at least, not right now. Maybe later, when I’ve managed to untangle some of the unpenetrable systems that are EVE.  I enjoy the people – there are some really awesome players out there. But the game is pissing me off royally.

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    I have an expensive ship habit…

    On the way back from Jita, I got my ship blown up (again) by someone with a swarm of drones. Meh. I’m always very careful to warp to within zero metres of the gate, ready to jump immediately, etc., but sometimes it just doesn’t help.

    And that was the extent of my exciting game adventures.  :D

    Work is going well, I haven’t done any artwork (boo sucks), and I’ve been lackadasically playing some Warcraft. I don’t plan on raiding at all until Ulduar, and when that comes I’ll probably play tourist for a bit, but not go back to an actual raid schedule.

    So, once more this is a “not dead” post.  :)  I need to get back into a proper rythmn.

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    I went to Jita, and all I got was this silly shirt…

    I was bored this afternoon, so I went sightseeing in Jita, because I’d never been there.  All 20 jumps.  :)  I couldn’t handle flying all the way back, so my ship is still there. Had I tried, they would have found my dark, cold ship floating endlessly in space, her pilot having slit her throat.

    I’ve been trying to reinstall Runes of Magic for use as a casual game, as the last patch totally ruined the game – there are no textures anymore. On the forums there were several people with the same problem, and no answers aside from “perhaps your computer isn’t high enough spec to run the game”. Since I have a high-spec gaming machine that I’ve recently upgraded, I don’t think that’s the problem. I’d forgotten what a nightmare it was to originally download, and unfortunately I no longer have the install files. Meh. Meh and fie.

    Wait a moment…I suppose it’s a bad thing when my hard drive is making a sound like a cricket trying to whistle. It’s quite loud. I think I will go and back up a few files now.


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    MMOs: Finding a Home of My Own

    Ta-daaaaaaah! I’m back in the world of the living, after a week of getting re-used to long commutes, a 9-5 job, and being absolutely shattered. Back to normal, hurrah!

    Now that I am not gaming during the day, I am looking at how to manage involvement in two simultaneous MMOs (with occasional forays into things like Guild Wars and Runes of Magic). Until I finish the contract position that I agreed to do, I won’t be doing an awful lot of either, but still I am trying to re-arrange things and change the way I’m approaching both games.

    As much as I hate the thought of not having core “Raider” status in our Warcraft guild, I think I am ready to slip to more of a social status. The Type-A, have-to-succeed-at-all-costs side of me screams in pain at the thought of it, but I not only can’t, I don’t want to put in five nights a week at clearing raid content. At the same time, I have no idea what I would actually do. I know there are people who enjoy just levelling alts, dinking around, crafting and so on, but I’ve never been one of them. As soon as my first character was old enough, I was raiding, and haven’t stopped for too many years. Really, what could I have done with all of those nights? Written a novel? Built a multi-million dollar online business? Done a lot more going out and having fun with friends? Probably.  But it wasn’t a total loss. Anyway, I will try a definitely non-hardcore WoW existence as a casual player.

    The shock may kill me yet.  :D

    I’m still trying to find my way in EVE. My experience so far of solo PVP has been…well, sucktastic accurately describes it. It’s no fun having a little frigate dissolve in half a second like tissue paper…and yet I can’t afford to replace my better ships, so I don’t fly them. I suppose the solution to playing solo in EVE would be to take it easy and safe, as I have been, and as we become more financially stable in real life, buy Plex (or is it sell Plex? Anyway, take advantage of CCP’s take on RMT), so I can fly my fuckoff ships and replace them as needed.

    I’d like to try exploration, especially with the new content that Apocrypha has brought.  Learning more about the booster trade would also be interesting…I quite fancy being a drug runner in EVE.  :)

    And so things change…small amounts of time spent on this and that, dabbling rather than playing hardcore, trying to leave some time for artwork and the projects that I’ve wanted to do someday.