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    Dead Trees

    I’m doing a first rewrite on my story. I’m doing it ass backwards, of course (why would I do it any other way?) because there are still a few bits and pieces that need to be written. I’m hoping that during the course of the copyedit, and the rewrite of things that I know are weak or missing entirely, those missing bits will just come naturally. Hey, what do I know? I never did this before. :)

    What I have learned, however, is that printing off a book manuscript makes a huge pile of dead trees. I have temporarily hidden this massive stack of paper underneath my scanner, so it won’t scare me. I’m sort of kidding…and sort of not. Tomorrow I jump in, with my editing articles* bookmarked and my red pens ready.

    If anyone would like to do a reading exchange at some point, let me know. I haven’t let anyone read this, not husband or friends or family, but after I have a solid draft I wouldn’t mind getting some opinions.


    *Editing & Revision Tips:

    How to Revise A Novel by Holly Lisle

    One-Pass Manuscript Revision by Holly Lisle

    From the First Draft to the Last, Part 1 and Part 2 by Brian Hodge