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    Patch 4.0.1 Shinies

    Well, many of my addons don’t have updates yet. I haven’t trained any new talents because TalentChic is down and I’m a sheep. I still have my black wolf (yaay), lots of new stable slots (super yaay), dual specialisation is down to 100 gold, and I’m updating my video drivers right now because the new water textures look like grey lead.

    Can’t wait to jump in. :D


    Well, a couple of hours later I have everyone respecced. Now I need to practice rotations and figure out what I’m doing. And hunter pets…we finally have almost enough stable slots for our pet addictions. No more abandoning favourite old pets (my black armoured boar Ennui) or rare pets (my damned ghost wolf that was SUCH trouble to tame, and then I deleted him thinking that I could go back and tame him again!!! Damn you, Blizzard, damn you!).

    The training dummy area in Ironforge is positively blinding with all the new spell effects and everyone trying out the new toys.

    With the new cheap dual talent specs, I chose Resto as well as Elemental for my shammy – must go and try to heal something, since evidently Paladins are now broken.

    So exciting! :D

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    Ennui, and Cataclysm Goals

    I’ve hardly logged in to Warcraft at all recently, due to boredom with the game, and also exhaustion (not related to anything as fun as gaming).

    I did have some things that I wanted to accomplish prior to the expansion: I wanted to get my priest and shaman to 80, all the 80s relatively well-geared, and everyone’s professions up to 450. Yep, that includes cooking and fishing, which has been punishing. And pointless, I freely admit. But we all have to have goals.

    Yaar, Matey…

    I was quite happy to read that Pirates of the Burning Sea is going free to play. I’d pre-ordered that before it came out, and got the initial beta disk, but cancelled my order prior to it shipping. It was pretty, but I’d expected more land content. I’ve always had a thing about pirates, you see, and have had an unfinished project about Anne Bonney sitting around since I was in my early twenties.

    So, in honour of Talk Like a Pirate day, I’m downloading a free trial and will be back on the seas by the end of the day. Ahoy from this busty pirate wench!

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    For Gnomeregan!

    I’ve been too exhausted every night to play, or read mail, or do anything other than fall asleep directly after dinner (being sick really sucks!). But tonight I made an effort to stay awake (or at least non-comatose) and we checked out the pre-Cataclysm Gnomeregan quests. It’s really, really nicely done with some excellent voice acting and interaction.

    This is one of the things that Blizzard does really well. I’m very much looking forward to the buildup to Cataclysm. This is going to be fun!

    Gnomes look silly on talbuk. And worse on mammoths.

    For Gnomeregan!

    A sea of banners

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    Cataclysm Collectors Edition

    I just managed to order mine! *happy dance*

    That will offset my frustration with Square Enix and FFXIV. *grrrrr* To be honest, actually, I’m not that bothered. I wouldn’t mind having a look, but I can’t even register nor can I download the beta client. I cancelled the CE that I’d ordered after reading all of the negative comments and bad reviews. Perhaps after launch I’ll buy a copy (not CE) and have a look. But the comments about the horrendous UI and poor gameplay have put me off.

    It does look pretty, though. :/

    EDIT: I tried one last time before leaving to go see the knee doctor, and it finally let me in!  Will try to download the client tonight.

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    Looking for Guild

    Now that I’m back in my enjoying-Warcraft phase, I’m thinking about looking for a guild. I have no intention of going back to 25-man raiding – the thought fills me with absolute horror. I quite enjoy having free time off, an actual life that doesn’t involve raiding five nights a week with people who I consider to mostly be a bunch of irritating pricks. (Not all, of course – I’ve been very lucky in my guilds, to be honest. But there are always those people who I would never have chosen to spend so much time with were it not for raiding.)

    I think a 10-man guild sounds like the perfect solution. People who are experienced raiders, of course…although I love friendly, social guilds, I would hate waiting for endless periods of time while people put children to bed or have dinner or whatever. I want to raid hardcore on a casual basis, if that makes any sense. Raiding with respect and responsibility to guildmates, but only three or four nights a week. Raiding with people who show up early, repaired and stocked with consumables. Not with idiots.

    This may take some time.

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    Pre-Cataclysm Goals

    After the long trip, I think I’m finally ready to get back into the swing of things game-wise. Jetlag is finally releasing me from it’s clutches (although I did have an impromptu nap last night after dinner, so sad).

    Lacking any new MMOs on the horizon, I’ve mostly been playing Warcraft. Yes, I very much want to try Red Dead Redemption when it comes out. And I could finally finish Dragon Age. But otherwise it’s WoW:

    • I haven’t played any Allods Online at all after the cash shop fiasco. Goodwill is a precious thing, and quite difficult to get back – companies should be smart enough to realise that. gPotato did send out a questionnaire asking why I had stopped playing, which I very much enjoyed asking. Words such as “greed”, “stupidity”, and “venality” may have been used. :)
    • Although I would still very much like to see it go live, there’s been little or no news about the World of Darkness MMO. Not holding my breath.
    • Jumpgate Evolution seems to have died. Or maybe not, it’s hard to tell.
    • I’m looking forward to the Age of Conan expansion – the screenshots are gorgeous.
    • SWTOR will be worth a try, but I feel about it very much the way that I did about Star Trek Online – the IP may be rather limiting. Oh, I’ll buy it, and play for a month or so. But after that? We’ll see.
    • Guild Wars 2. Want. So. Much!
    • Aion. I regret this one – but not enough to play a game that still has a massive grind in place.

    So, Warcraft. During TBC/Wrath I switch to Kitsune, my hunter, and didn’t feel like playing any other classes. I love hunters. But after burning out on hardcore raiding, I kind of stopped playing her since there wasn’t anything to do. Her gear is now woefully out of date, and although I would like to upgrade, I don’t care enough to start raiding again. And (being an asshat magnet) I don’t like pugging. I especially don’t like it now when people that I know are total tards are trying to get groups together by gearscore. You know what? You may have the gearscore, but I’ve done runs with you and I know you’re an idiot and an asshat…so I’m not that broken-hearted that I wouldn’t be accepted in your run. :D

    My Pally is finally 80 – my only level-capped Horde character. I’d like to get my original main, my warlock Ravven, to 80. Once I’ve done that, I may take my priest from 70 to 80. I’d like to continue levelling my troll hunter as far as I can, since I’m not going to faction-switch Kitsune. (She’s a “real” person, and it would be wrong.) But hunters still rule, and I’d like to have one horde-side.

    And that is what I see myself doing in terms of gaming until the fall, when I anticipate Cataclysm coming out. Just chilling and taking it easy, staying off the hamster wheel.