Out of Touch

Tobold had a (as always) very good post about Cataclysm Replayability. If you look at the comments, so many people say that they are playing Rift right now for just those issues – and I can relate. I loved Cataclysm; for about two months I thought it was one of the best expansion ever. And […]

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Blizzard Fangirl

Although I’ve always loved Warcraft (sometimes less so than others), I have to admit that Cataclysm has turned me into a total raving fangirl. And you know what? I don’t think I’m the only one. Negative reviews of the expansion have been few and far between, and most people seem to be enjoying it inordinately.

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A Buttload of Fun

I’m having metric tons of fun in Cataclysm. I brought my pally into the guild alongside my hunter, as I am going to play her along with Kitsune. The guild that I rejoined is the one which I have been a part of, off and on, since Serpentshrine days. Mainly I was a raider, though

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Cataclysm Launch Night

I actually stayed up for the launch, hoping that there would be a too-cool-to-miss launch event, but no luck. I did derive great enjoyment from the fact that all of the people who basically announced “So long, suckers!” to everyone who hadn’t done the digital download logged off to enjoy their early access…and then couldn’t

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