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    Out of Touch

    Tobold had a (as always) very good post about Cataclysm Replayability. If you look at the comments, so many people say that they are playing Rift right now for just those issues – and I can relate. I loved Cataclysm; for about two months I thought it was one of the best expansion ever. And then, after I had two characters at 85 and I’d seen the Worgen and Goblin starting areas…I just didn’t have the heart to play anymore. I’m no longer raiding, I hate playing with the Gearscore jerks and GOGOGOGO guys so I won’t pug heroics, and I just couldn’t face levelling another character. As much as I love the game, I couldn’t bear to log in.

    But you know what? I miss Kitsune, my hunter. She was the most favourite character that I have ever played. I feel as though I’ve fallen out of touch with a very good friend, and I miss her. It’s just that I’ve just moved on, and we don’t hang out at the same places anymore. I think about her, but I don’t pick up the phone to call.

    Perhaps I’m odd…ok, I almost certainly am. But I kind of like to think that she’s out there, hunting and exploring, or sleeping rolled in a blanket by a campfire with her pet at her side.

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    Meandering Through Cataclysm

    Kitsune is 85, and has been for some time. The other characters are taking their time, and I’ve been very much enjoying the journey. I’ve been actually reading quest text, so as not to inadvertently miss the beginning of any of the storyline arcs, and I’ve been hopping from character to character to see different things.

    Last night I played through a bit of the horde goblin area. What is it about giving you one damned quest at a time? Seriously, I’m a big girl (well, actually she’s quite a little girl carrying a big axe, but no matter) and I think I can concentrate on more than one quest at a time. Although if I was doing all of these back-and-forth quests in real life, I’d be working off this extra ass I seem to be carrying around presently, so I suppose that would be a bonus. Perhaps I need to set up one of those MMO treadmills…hmmnnn.

    Actually, it’s hard to remember to read quest text each time. I need to force myself to read it properly. Time after time I’ve just clicked to accept the quest and raced off, only to get creamed by some elite that I should have used the magical seeds of shrinkage or whatever on before I went and pissed it off. Must. Read. Quest. Text.

    I absolutely love what Blizzard has done with Cataclysm. Everyone seems to be really enjoying it, almost without exception, which is quite rare.

    There is one thing I’ve been wondering about…we all know how much Activision/Blizzard made off the sparkle pony. I would dearly love to know how much they made after the Cataclysm launch on race changes to worgen or goblin. I don’t think any figures have been posted, but pretty much everyone I know has splashed out on a race change. I’m very, very curious.

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    Bah…two more levels

    I got a wild hair last night and decided to take my baby shaman to Mount Hyjal. She was 77, so I levelled her to 78, which I had heard was the level that you could go to Hyjal or Vashj’ir at. And then discovered that I was labouring under a grave misconception…it is definitely 80 before you can take any of the new quests.

    I just don’t know if I can do two more levels in areas that I have spent so much time in. Hmmmph!

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    Blizzard Fangirl

    Although I’ve always loved Warcraft (sometimes less so than others), I have to admit that Cataclysm has turned me into a total raving fangirl. And you know what? I don’t think I’m the only one. Negative reviews of the expansion have been few and far between, and most people seem to be enjoying it inordinately.

    Yes, it is very much a horizontal expansion, and the trip to endgame is very short on this one. But you know what? It was time for them to do an expansion like that. The game desperately needed new content and new areas to explore in the lower and mid levels. Oh, sure, I’ll level Kit to 85 in the next couple of days. And then I’ll level my paladin to 85 as well. But after that?  I am SO looking forward to seeing the new starting areas and revamped lower level content.

    I don’t have any problem with being an unashamed Blizzard fangirl. Any company that can put consistently put out content of this calibre, and provide such a huge amount of sheer, blissful fun, deserves respect and loyalty.

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    The Short Bus

    The guild that I belong to is going to start raiding this week. And you know what?  I am very, very glad that I am not joining them (yet). WotLK, for me, was ruined somewhat by the need to keep up with the group so that I could be ready when they started raiding. I had taken a week of holiday, and we all played until our eyes bled. This is much, much more relaxed. Yeah, I do feel a bit like someone who rides the short bus (tolerated perhaps, but not really a part of the group). But I’m enjoying the content. Kit is almost 84, and my paladin is 82. I have a baby worgen druid. And I’ve had the chance to explore, to fly around the old areas, to actually read the quest text and enjoy the trip.

    It’s been wonderful.

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    A Buttload of Fun

    I’m having metric tons of fun in Cataclysm. I brought my pally into the guild alongside my hunter, as I am going to play her along with Kitsune.

    The guild that I rejoined is the one which I have been a part of, off and on, since Serpentshrine days. Mainly I was a raider, though – this is the first time that I’ve gone back with the express purpose of being a slacker. Social member, I mean…I mix those two up. It’s the best of both worlds – I can be with old friends whom I’ve known for years, while not having to spend five nights a week with the Type-A anal types who are sometimes very much not fun to spend time with.

    I’m fine with being a slacker for a bit…perhaps for always, to be honest. I want to do some runs with people that I really enjoy, such as Miz and Raz and Kaz. (What the hell is up with all of the “Z” names?)

    I tell you what, though…since I haven’t played my paladin in ages, I am playing like a total idiot, just the ultimate embarrassing noob. When I logged on to her, all talent points had been reset. Had to look up builds. Hadn’t the faintest idea of what rotation to use. I’d specced her as Holy and Protection (I actually like questing as protection…maybe I’m weird that way.) Let’s put it this way…it will be a very long time before I group with anyone as healer or tank. :) Probably never as tank, to be honest, given what I’ve heard about trying to keep aggro in Cataclysm.

    Overall, though?  Great expansion. And I have no problem whatsoever being one of the five million people who were 85 two days after launch. I plan to enjoy this.

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    Cataclysm Initial Impressions

    Although I’ve been a bit sidelined with some terrible headaches, here are some initial impressions of the Cataclysm launch:

    1. CE boxes are freakin’ HUGE!
    Citylink delivered our CE shipments from Amazon to a neighbor (even though P was at home waiting for the delivery!) and didn’t bother putting a card through the door to say where they had left them. We noticed on the Amazon account that the orders showed as being delivered and raised holy hell. This was sidetracked a bit by our 80-year-old disabled lady neighbor trying to deliver the massive boxes herself, during the recent terrible freeze that we just had. Boxes plus Elderly Lady plus thick ice skating rink = Total Distaster.

    2. I love, love, love the underwater Vashj’ir area and quests.
    They are gorgeous – and I love the freedom of navigating in the water. The quests were fun. And you GET TO RIDE A SEAHORSE. ‘Nuff said.

    3. The Goblin starting area is great. Cheesy, but great.
    Riding around in a hot rod with your mates, honking the horn and listening to the radio is awesome. I liked the Worgen area, but the Goblen area was just sheer campy fun. I love the way that it looks, with the neon and tatty industrial areas. Just perfect.

    4. Stormwind and Ogrimmar are wonderful.
    The ground textures (or the angles of the buildings) still makes me ill in Stormwind. But flying over it is awesome.

    5. Quest Innuendo – here are some quest names from last night:

    • A Case of Crabs
    • A Taste for Tail
    • Camel Tow (tow as in towing camels, although I haven’t done this one yet).

    6. Easy – too easy
    We had guild members hit 85 on the day after the expansion. Everyone is saying that it is very, very easy. As a casual player, I don’t mind easy – I hate grind, I hate quests where you are forced to group to complete them. But having people blow through your content in a day isn’t a good thing. I haven’t done any instances yet, but I hear that the early ones are very simple and will probably get boring quite fast.

    Simply wonderful, and so much fun. Now that I’m no longer in the grip of migraine, I really look forward to playing tonight until my eyes bleed. :D

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    Cataclysm Launch Night

    I actually stayed up for the launch, hoping that there would be a too-cool-to-miss launch event, but no luck.

    I did derive great enjoyment from the fact that all of the people who basically announced “So long, suckers!” to everyone who hadn’t done the digital download logged off to enjoy their early access…and then couldn’t log in again due to the problem with the login/authentication servers. LOL…

    I can’t help it, I’m just petty that way. :D

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    Blizzcon 2010 Worgen Cinematic, and Kitsune

    I like this. You see, I’ve been thinking of faction-transferring Kitsune when I can. I never exactly rocked a Night Elf character. I was hazy on their lore and history, and Kit kind of always “felt” human to me. (I have never, ever understood why humans couldn’t be hunters.) A human huntress who has a very unfortunate encounter with something very furry, and hungry, in the woods one full moon night, and forever after has to deal with the consequences…that SO works for Kit.

    I’m itching to begin writing  her story. :)