book cover design


Like an unlucky survivor of the zombie apocalypse I seem to have been pulled under and eaten by a massive amount of work lately. Everything else, including exercise, keeping the blog up and any writing have gone by the wayside. I think (fingers crossed) that I’m close to finally coming through the other side. I’ve

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Learning to Paint

One of the reasons for my (somewhat interrupted) hiatus, aside from wanting a stress-free month for writing, was to regain my happy thoughts about my artwork. I’d grown bored with the style of cover work that I was doing, and wanted a chance to start again with a fresh outlook. I’ve recently come to a

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Book Cover Art

I’ve been lax in posting new book cover images. Come to think of it, I’ve been lax in making any kind of posts at all lately due to being swamped with work, tiredness and intermittent ill health. I don’t know how people keep up with multiple social media outlets in a consistent manner as well

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Homecoming by Cecilia Robert

Book Title: Homecoming (A Cloaked Devices short story) Expected release date: October 2013 Genre: Steam punk Paranormal romance Age group: +17 appropriate due to language and mature content Five years ago, twenty-three-year-old panther shifter Sera Czedar left her home and her newly mated groom in a humiliating position after a mating ceremony gone wrong. She

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