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    I played a bit of Allods last night, but had little patience with the things that I’ve previously ignored: the Russian players insisting on filling zone chat with Cyrillic, the sad little boys with potty mouths, the scarcity of quest items or mobs. Tonight it bothered me, and honestly it’s because of the whole cash shop issue – it’s tarnished my love of the game that they created, and that is a shame. I logged after fifteen minutes or so, and watched a movie instead.

    I don’t have a problem with sensible microtransactions. I’ve paid Blizzard for innumerable server transfers, name changes, faction transfers, etc. I bought the Pandaren pet for a gift this Christmas. I would have paid for several of the extremely cool looking mounts in Runes of Magic – the price wasn’t bad for a mount, and they were gorgeous. Cash shops that offer potions for increased XP wouldn’t bother me. Epic gear would, along with potions that wildly increased your stats – that creates an unlevel playing field. Fear of Death in Allods would cost you an extraordinary amount over a month if you were doing instances (which evidently are difficult to do with no deaths). If you can’t afford the perfume, you have a several hour downtime while you wait for your stats to come back. This would make endgame PvE content impossible.

    In the end, it’s about respect. The attitude of “we’re going to sit back and see what kind of response there is to these prices” is disrespectful. I am not an idiot, nor am I some cash cow that will happily cough up an estimated $50-$70 per month to play your game. There is no game in the world that would be worth that, AAA titles included. I certainly won’t pay it for Allods.

    This kind of article doesn’t help. It’s not about bags. I could care less if there are convenience or vanity items in the shop with astronomical prices, which the devs have put there just to see if anyone buys them. It affects my gameplay not in the slightest. Sitting out for a couple of hours after a death, however, does. Surely that would be obvious to anyone.

    All of this makes me think of Aion, actually. Goodwill is invaluable for any business, and it is especially important to MMOs. I loved Aion so much, and if they fixed the gameplay/grind issues I would be resubscribed in a flash. If I didn’t hate NCSoft so much. They had zero respect for their players. For ages they gave goldsellers free rein, and there are probably areas populated only by botters to this very day. Anything they did to Aion would be coloured (for me) by the bad feeling that I have for the company.

    Boo sucks to gPotato. Shame on you.

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    Allods: Don’t Ruin Our Game!

    Wow, so many blog posts today about the Allods Online cash shop fiasco. They have to fix this – I can’t imagine that anyone not totally insane would have thought that this was a good idea. It’s such a good, such a promising game…please don’t get greedy and ruin it before I’ve had a chance to see endgame!

    I have no problems with a sensible cash shop for a f2p game. As Potshot said about Runes of MagicAfter a very brief evening exploring this game, I can say that regardless of whether I expected to play more than a casual month in this game, I’d be willing to throw down for the FREAKING $10 HORSE.  Hell, I feel like sending those guys $10 just because they made a game that didn’t piss me off and make me feel like they stole precious time from my life never to be recovered (let alone the box price…).  Seriously, horse = Alexander Hamilton = Truth. Amen.

    Commentary and explanation about the Allods cash shop storm:

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    Bio Break: Blog Rage vs. The Army of Allods

    Heartless Gamer: Forget about the Allods Online cash shop, this is dumb for any business model

    West Karana: Allods Online: Workers of the World

    Please, don’t piss me off. Don’t throw away all of that good will engendered by your very fun and polished game due to insanity/greed/stupidity. Don’t make me leave. :(

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    Allods: Applause

    I had a lot of fun this weekend in Allods. I’d started characters on the Empire side (loving very much the clockwork-doll look of Arisen), but due to friends playing on League, and also being less impressed by the starting area on the Empire side, I deleted every one and switched to League. Sunshine and meadows for me, thank you.  :)

    There are some very cool kind of post-revolution Russian shops and things. All signs are in Russian. That didn’t bother me, but the griefers speaking in Russian kind of did. (A post to come on how trying to ruin a fairly nice general chat channel is equivalent to griefing, and how we should never forget that we are all representatives of our respective countries.)

    After doing Dead Soul (the first kind of mini-boss on League side), we left for the city on a stunning ship, sailing through the Astral. As the silhouette of the city came into view, I admit I was squeeing…just a little bit.  :)

    It’s the mark of success in a f2p game that you can have that feeling. That “omg, that is so cool!” squee feeling. Applause to Allods Online.

    All in all, a very fun weekend.

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    You kids get off my lawn!

    Last night I had an Allods Online night, again playing on the US servers. Throughout most of Europe and the UK, Americans are viewed as being stupid, uneducated, obnoxious. That stereotype is strengthened by television news and reality shows, where any American interviewed has to have a Southern accent and be spouting nonsense about God, guns or George Bush. It offends me, since obviously we’re not all like that – MOST of us are not like that. But unfortunately, American kids who play MMOs don’t do their country’s reputation any favours.

    There was an amazing, long conversation in general chat that started with religion, and then went on to cover politics, history and so on. It was funny, intelligent, literate, and quite often not very politically correct. I was quite enjoying reading chat as it scrolled by, which is quite an unusual occurence for me. In most games, I tend to disable any general chat or trade channel chat due to the level of asshattedness. But this was wonderful.

    And then the kids started coming on.

    “wtf u guyz talkin about?”

    “your all faggots!”

    “Go back to WoW and talk about that”

    It was all over at that point. All of the mature players moved on to whatever they were doing, ignoring general chat again as usual – the conversation was over.

    I hate kids.

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    Allods Online Soft Launch

    I logged into Allods last night for the start of Open Beta (which is actually more like a website soft launch than an open beta) along with FIVE MILLION OTHER PEOPLE, all trying to go for the same mobs and the same early boss guy that you can’t even see for all the players standing on top of him.

    As you would totally expect. You’ve got to love launch days. :D

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    An MMO Tart

    I seem to be unable to commit to any MMO right now. Oh, sure, I have several on the go that I really enjoy, and will try to schedule quality time with each. But I don’t seem to be a commitment type of girl at the moment.

    I’m still playing Star Trek Online, but have been logging on less than previously. It’s still fun, but it’s less immersive than I had hoped. That may be a factor of levelling alone, I don’t know…or just the fact that the really good questlines are outweighed by the “talk to enemy signal contact” type of quests. Will I subscribe when my free time is up?  At this point, I’m not sure. The main thing it makes me feel is homesick for EVE, and that makes me think about resubscribing there…although I do remember that EVE mainly consisted of small bursts of excitement (generally as I got blown up) and long, dreary expanses of dulldom, going from gate to gate, running missions and so on. It still tempts me, though. I may already have done it if it didn’t still kind of piss me off that EU subscribers pay so much more than US ones.

    I’m looking forward to Allods Online, although I’m disappointed that I couldn’t talk my sisters into playing. I think that they would love it if they could try it. The game is polished and fun, and I think that we could have some silliness once a week while we had a chance to talk.

    In Warcraft, my Pally is levelling slowly, and she just got her cold weather flying (basically a 1000 gold bribe to allow you to use your old flying mount again). I’ve decided that I will dual-spec her for retribution and healing. I’d thought about tanking with her, as I did really enjoy it in Aion, but I won’t for two reasons: the main one is that I have absolutely NO sense of direction, to the point where it’s like a birth defect or a learning disability or something. I can’t remember where to go. When we raided, and were doing wipe nights (I mean progression runs), each and every time I ran back after resurrecting, I was unsure where to go. Over and over again. I just can’t do it. The second thing is that I really hate doing runs with people who want speed runs – it’s not good for a newb tank to have the “GO! GO! GO!” guy ranting at you, or worse – pulling. In Aion, I had a “you pull it, you better tank it” mentality. :)

    But again, as much as I will always love Warcraft, I still have an eye out for new and shiny MMOs. I can’t help it…I’m a tart. :)

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    Holiday Laziness

    Well, I have been doing some work on all the planned projects. But mostly I’ve been:

    • Reading
    • Eating holiday food
    • Drinking
    • Reading more
    • Levelling my paladin
    • Playing Allods Online – closed beta at last!

    Edit: Yaay, I can finally add screenshots. BT is quite arbitrary on when they’ll allow connections to things like WordPress. It would be so nice if there was another reliable ISP that we could get in our area. Anyway…I finally finished the grind for the raptor mount! It wasn’t bad, all things considered – I’ve never wanted to try the Wintersaber rep grind on any character (I have a life!), but this one wasn’t bad.

    And then there’s Allods Online. Allods is a lot of fun. A bit basic in normal MMO terms, but absolutely lovely for a f2p MMO.

    Although the loading screen looks uncomfortably like Evony/Civony (no, I’m NOT going to link to it!).

    For anyone who is unreasonably excited about playing the game right now, please note that I have (so far) not encountered any elf-on-elf lesbian sex. But who knows…perhaps there’s a reason for the steamy loading screen, and I just haven’t unlocked that content yet.

    Perhaps I just have a dirty mind. If so, I blame teh Internets.

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    Too Much Kawaii

    I’d seen a few blog posts and reviews on Allods Online floating by, and while it looked pretty I’m not really in the mood for another F2P MMO. But then I saw this video on Keen and Graev, and I am consumed by the need to play it, just for the cuteness. Forget the more traditional humans and orcs and so on…I want to get all my friends to play so we can be total dorks, skipping around through the flowers.  :D I love it.