Aion Closed Beta #5

This closed beta has brought some changes that everyone was pretty excited about, including: New Sound files have been added NPCs should now have a greet and farewell voice Cutscenes will now have voice Race Prologues are now available when you create a new character for Elyos and Asmodian Tutorial videos are now available in […]

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Starting an Aion Legion

I’ve been thinking dangerous thoughts lately. Since I don’t have a lot of real-life friends who are planning on playing Aion, and since my Warcraft guildies are being pretty close-mouthed about playing Aion (it’s tough for a raider to play two MMOs), I’ve been thinking about legions. Finding the right one, or perhaps…starting my own.

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aion *sigh*

Today I am not playing Aion (because I am at work) just as I didn’t play it last night (because the EU login servers were down). It was to be expected, really, since beta keys seemed to have been sent to literally everyone. We even got one from a place where we had cancelled our

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Victory Is Mine

Well, it took ordering another copy directly from NCsoft, but I have my beta code!  I was so excited this morning. I’ll write about it later, as we have a lot of errands for today, but so far: Very nice character customisation (everything still looks very Korean, but I quite like that). Lots of prettiness,

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