I can’t get into the queue for the server that I preselected characters on, so am trying to get on another that I was interested in. Not surprising, though – it was obvious that they were going to have too few servers.

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Aion Headstart

This was a busy weekend. Normally, I quite hate doing stuff around the house on weekends, as I generally need to decompress a bit after a week of work. But with a week off scheduled, I didn’t mind laying insulation in the loft and tidying both of the third-floor computer rooms. Because… It’s head start

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No English Allowed

The Aion team has released an official server poll (in comparison with the multitude of unofficial ones on the forums. And guess what?  You cannot choose English as your native language if you live in Europe.  :D I chose Portuguese. EDIT: And the funniest thing from the forums?  The person who posted “But English isn’t

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Lazy Weekend

The Aion open beta is almost over, and before the end of the month we’ll see pre-selection, headstart and launch. Overall, there were an enormous amount of issues with the client and with the much-hated GameGuard software. This would be per expectations if this was a normal beta client, and not a westernised version of

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Secret World

I hadn’t read much about The Secret World, aside from seeing various references to it in gaming blogs. Today I did some investigating, and it actually seems very intriguing. “Imagine if every myth, conspiracy theory and urban legend was true. Imagine if your worst nightmare came to life. Imagine a world where vampires hunt for

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